What Is Vestige Marketing Pvt? |What is Vestige Marketing

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What Is Vestige Marketing Pvt? | What is Vestige Marketing, vestige In Hindi

What Is Vestige Marketing Pvt? |What is Vestige Marketing

Vestige is the Number 1 direct selling company in India. It offers the best Business/marketing plan for Indian consumers and distributors. You may join Vestige as a customer or a Vestige Distributor. Some key benefits of Vestige Marketing.

Vestige is 100% fraudulent marketing scheme. The only people benefited are the manufacturers of those harmful products. Dont enter their marketing scheme nor buy any harmful products.

Benfits OF Being A Vestige Distributors

Consumer Benfits

  • 10% – 20% Retail Profit
  • 10% Repurchase Profit
  • 5%-20% Cash Back
  • On Regular 6Months Rs. 2500/- Vestige Product Consumption, RS. 2500/- Worth Products Free On 7th Month From Vestige

Network Benfits

  • 10% -20% Retail Profit
  • 10% Repurchase Profit
  • 5% – 20% Performence Bonus
  • 4% Bronze Director Bonus
  • 14% Business Building Bonus
  • 16% LOB
  • 5% Travel Fund
  • 5% Car Fund
  • 3% House Fund
  • 2% Business Building Bonus

What Is Vestige Business ?

  • Vestige Joining is FREE for all
  • After Joining, you will get Vestige Distributor, which is used for purchasing through their distribution system.

Use Vestige products; if you find them good, you can repurchase them with exciting Vestige offers and consistency offers.

  • After joining, the first purchase of Rs 1100 or 30 PV is compulsory. You can purchase products from the vestige outlet or the vestige online portal, or if you are joining us, you can place your order here only. It must be done within 30 days of entering.
  • On your every purchase, you will get Vestige Bonus points, and on your every Bonus point, you will get a bonus which will be payable to you.
  • You can choose to buy from the store or order online or through their app. Everything is transparent and systematic.
  • Vestige branch offices are available in all major cities of India. They are serving more than two crore distributors.
  • Vestige International outlets are also available in other countries e.g. UAE, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Nepal, Dubai, Ghana, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Vestige Products are very reasonable and under the purchasing power of most Indian consumers, and the product quality is exceptional.
  • Vestige Business Plan; vestige designed a perfect training system, empowering even people with minimum education. You will see a good mix of people working in this MLM business.

what is pv in vestige?

PV means Point value in the network marketing business. After purchasing products from Vestige company you can earn a PV. for example After purchasing 30 rupees of products from Vestige Network Marketing Company you will get 1 PV. In such a way if you purchase 3000 rupees products from Vestige you will get approximately 100 PV.

 There are two types of PV in vestige, self PV and Group PV. Self PV is for your own purchase PV and group PV is Your PV + Your Downlines PV. PV is basically used to count the level of that network Marketing Company in which company you are working.

What is BV in Vestige 

BV means Business Value in vestige. After purchasing 30 rupees products in vestige you will get 16 BV. So 

1 PV = 30 rupees products 

1 PV = 16 BV 

BV is basically used to count the bonus of Every month. Means Vestige company is giving back 16 rupees after selling its 30 rupees products to the consumers. Because for 100 rupees products Vestige takes only 40 rupees as manufacturing cost, rest 60 rupees distributes to the consumer according to level and point value.

Why is Vestige’s Marketing Plan Best?
  1. It’s a Cumulative Plan.
  2. Only promotions, no demotions.
  3. Never reaches zero.
  4. No re-qualification (One-time achievement).
  5. Director Bonus compresses downward.
  6. Leadership Overriding bonus roll-up.
  7. No Renewal is required.
  8. It is engineered to make you wealthy.
what is DAF in vestige

DAF means Distributor Application Form, which needs to be signed by the distributor and submitted to the nearest Vestige office within 7 days of registration and if you want to submit online then you can submit through Vestige POS mobile app.

Along with this DAF form you need to submit your Signed ID Proof such as Adhar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving Licence etc.

In a case of failure, the company may terminate your ID. So always remember without DAF submission your joining is incomplete.

Vestige Joining & Registration Form

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