Modicare Activzyme Activzyme 3 Unit x 100 ml Price Dp. Mrp.


3 Unit x 100 ml


Activzyme is a natural, eco-friendly and highly effective organic plant growth nutrient derived from seaweed vegetable for use in foliar and soil drench application to improve the plant growth and maximise crop yield. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other crop management inputs on fruits, vegetables, field & plantation crops, indoor & outdoor plants, garden, nursery, lawns, turf can help in Improve plant growth, Increase yield and quality of crop,Better foliage & improve photosynthetic efficiency,Increase soil microbial activity, Healthy root system and vigorous seedling growth,Increase resistance to insects, pests, diseases & adverse weather conditions,Activate the plant physiological and metabolic activities,Efficient utilization of bio-chemical reserves of plants & applied nutrients, Stimulate flowering and better retention of flowers,Better fruit setting and uniform fruit size and maturity. It naturally contain Auxin,Gibberellins,Enzymes,Betaines,Hydrolysed Protein Complexes & other Nutrients.

Modicare Activzyme Activzyme 3 Unit x 100 ml Price


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