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How To Earn Money Fast? | Vestige Marketing | Join Now

How To Earn Money Fast? | Vestige Marketing | Join Now

How To Earn Money Fast? | Vestige Marketing | Join Now

How to earn money from Vestige Company?

There is a Company name Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd, which provides great opportunity to earn UNLIMITED INCOME without any investment. Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd is a Direct Selling/Multi Level Marketing(MLM) Company. Please read about Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd at Vestige Company Profile.

How to Earn Money with ZERO Investment Business?

You can Earn Money with ZERO Investment through Direct Selling Business (Multi level Network Marketing). To understand How to Earn Money with ZERO Investment Business, first let’s understand the difference between Traditional Business and Direct Selling Business. In Traditional Business, products reach Consumers/ Customers through various middlemen such as C&F Agent, Distributor, Wholesaler, Retailer, and finally to Customers. In addition there is a substantial expenditure on advertisement, which involves Celebrity. This way, the product whose manufacturing cost is Rs. 40/- is sold at Rs. 100/- to the customer. Rs. 60/- is shared among all the middlemen and advertiser.

On the other hand, in direct Selling business, products are sold directly to the customer, who becomes distributor/partner of the Company. In this case, Rs. 60/- which was shared among middlemen in case of traditional business is given to the customers. In other words, we can say that Customer himself is Advertiser /C&F Agent, Wholesaler, Retailer etc. You have understood that through Direct Selling Business you can earn unlimited money without any investment. Let me explain now How to Earn Money with ZERO Investment through Vestige Business.

How to Earn Money with ZERO Investment through Vestige Business? How to make money with Vestige?

From Morning to Night, you have been using various products such as Toothpaste, Soap, Sampoo, Utensils Cleaner, Detergent, Floor Cleaner, etc. of various companies, which you have been buying from Local Retailers/ Shopping Malls. That is the case of Traditional Business. If you liked products of any company, you have been referring the same to your Friends/ Families. Did you get any Income from those shops or companies for purchasing or referring those products. The answer of most of us will be NO. Even if you buy products from those shops regularly, you don’t get any income or discount. This is because that is the process of Traditional Marketing.

If any company provides you income if you buy products, which is of International Quality, from them regularly and refer the products to your friends /families, then is it worth to change the Shop?

Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd provides you 7 Types of Income if you change your Shop to Vestige. Vestige says: Change your Shop, Change your Life.

Vestige provides following 7 Types of Income:

1. Saving on Consumption / Retail Profit (10-20%)

2. Accumulative Performance Bonus (5-20%)

3. Director Bonus (14%)

4. Leadership Bonus (15%)

5. Travel Fund (3%)

6. Car Fund (5%)- Maximum Rs. 60,000/- per month

7. House Fund (3%)- Maximum Rs. 80,000/- per month

To understand these 7 Income in detail, you may read Vestige Business Plan.

Director Bonus, Leadership Bonus, Travel Fund, Car Fund and House Fund are percentages of Company Turnover (14+15+3+5+3=40%). This way you can see that Vestige distributes 40% of Turnover in the Form of Bonus/Fund mention under 3rd to 7th Income.

Vestige Marketing Private Limited

The 1st Income Saving on Consumption is the amount, which is the difference between MRP and your Purchase Price.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Income i.e. Accumulative Performance Bonus, Director Bonus, and Leadership Bonus is the amount which comes to your Bank Account.

The 5th, 6th, and 7th Income i.e. Travel Fund, Car Fund, and House Fund comes to you as Gift.

Once you get sufficient Travel Funds (Rs. 60,000/- for Asia Trip which is organised during February Month, and Rs. 1,80,000/- for Europe Trip, which is organised during June Month), Company takes you for Foreign Trips Free of Cost.

Once you get sufficient Car Funds, Company buys Luxury Cars (Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Volvo, etc.) for you, and pays EMI on your behalf. More than 300 people has achieved luxury Cars from Vestige.

Once you get sufficient House Funds, Company buys Bungalow (Rs. 2Cr) for you, and pays EMI on your behalf.

This way, Vestige takes care of all your needs.

In addition, the Vestige provides various monthly Schemes such as Free Products and offers such as Consistency Offers on products which bring effective cost of product to 50%.

How to start Vestige Business? How do I start a Vestige Business?

1. Join Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd. You can join Vestige by clicking Join Vestige Business. After joining, you will become Distributor of the Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd.

2. Refer Vestige products/business to your families and friends. If your friends /families join Vestige  and buy products  then you get various income.

You may think that referring is difficult task for you. This may not be correct. You have been doing the same task for long time. For example, if you watch any movie, you tell your many friends to watch the same. Few of them watch the movie. The Producer of the movie get income from your referral but you don’t get anything. Can you not do that if you earn for doing so? In place of movie, you need to refer Vestige to your friends /families.

How much can we earn from Vestige? What is the fastest way to get money in Vestige?

I hope you have understood how to Earn Money with ZERO Investment Business (Vestige Business). If you make Commitment to do the following for just 1 year, then you can earn Rs. 1,50,000/- per month.

1. Buy your products from Vestige every month.

2. Join 1 Person in your Team every month.

3. Take Commitment from new Distributor to do the same.

If you follow the above three steps sincerely, then your team will grow in following way:

1st Month =1(You)

2nd Month =2

3rd Month = 2+2=4

4th Month = 4+4=16

5th Month = 16+16=32

6th Month = 32+32=64

7th Month =64+64=128

8th Month =128+128=256

9th Month=256+256=512

10th Month =512+512=1024

11th Month=1024+1024=2048

12th Month =2048+2048=4096

If every person in your team buy products of minimum 30PV, then your income will be minimum Rs. 1,50,000/- per month.

Now, is it really difficult to add just one person per month in your team? I believe it’s very easy.

This article explains How to Earn Money with ZERO Investment Business i.e. Direct Selling Business. If you like the Business Plan, then you can join Vestige Business at Join Vestige.

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How To Earn Money Fast? | Vestige Marketing | Join Now
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