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What happened to Modicare? Modicare Pvt Ltd

What happened to modicare?

What happened to modicare?

Modicare is a Network Marketing company. Its a direct selling market.A Direct selling company is the one which markets and sells products to consumer directly without the role of fixed retailers. Apart from getting profits on the sales you do, you have other 7 ways to Earn! Yes you got me right! Giving a brief info, It started with 1 centre, 7 daily life products and 400 consultants .

And now it is having 40 centres, more than 100 products & 100,000 consultants. It is supplying its products in 2700 cities in India now. The company is also present in Nepal. Apart from daily life products, Modicare has also entered Food & Beverages sector.

Giving my personal example,

I knew there are many fraud companies out there who work in networking, takes money from you to join their company and at last will fly away leaving you nowhere!! I opposed my mother not to join the Modicare. But she did because joining is free. Now the business started and Yes she got 20–50% profit on every product she sold.

Moreover after using the product, it will give you feeling that it is a premium quality product. Once i started using the products, I got little belief in the company. I researched and got to know that company was established in 1996 and is still working. Talking about the earnings, apart from the profit I earned (in cash) ,

she even got more income from the company which company deposited in the Bank Account. First month she got 800/- only. Today after 9 months she is making 40k per month. Every month the income is increasing. Also company is sponsoring a Lavish Bankok trip which she is going to visit this year.

The company is growing more and more everyday. The turnover of the company is also increasing everyday. And people doing the business are earning in lacs. So this has what happened to modicare.

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What happened to Modicare?