Vindhya Vasini Pandey Life Style, Income, Car, In Modicare

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Vindhya Vasini Pandey (RED DIAMOND DIRECTOR) In Modicare

Vindhya Vasini Pandey Life Style, Income, Car, In Modicare

I got three cars and a farmhouse, and am going to get my dream home in a few months. More importantly, my personality changed and I have been able to conduct myself with much confidence. Modicare has changed my whole life.

I come from a middle class family in Dafi village, Varanasi Initially worked at my father’s clothing shop and later ran a coaching Institute, leading a comfortable life, but a good life is always an enemy of a great life, something I wanted.

When I initially came across Modicare, I Rejected it, but a voice inside kept saying that I can achieve my dreams with Modicare but not with coaching so I decided to join Modicare while running the coaching institute, but ran into much opposition from family members, and many refused to work with me.

Vindhya Vasini & Mamta Pandey

My Modicare business started picking up, but had a difficult time retaining people because most people lacked the confidence and passion required for network marketing Given my inexperience. I was unable to make people realize that Modicare was the key to unlocking their dreams.

I focused more attention on Modicare, attending training programs, utilizing business tools, and reading books. I also focused more on networking partners who were passionate about Modicare than those prone to leave the business as some will always leave.

My business grew. Courtesy of my upline N. P. Singh and others in Modicare, I traveled to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Spain, and Turkey I got three cars and a farmhouse, and am going to get my dream home in a few months. More importantly, my personality changed and I have been able to conduct myself with much confidence.

Vindhya Vasini Pandey Achievment

Modicare has changed my whole life with the love of my partners, I have achieved national recognition am very pleased to have gifted my parents six foreign trips with the title of Crown Diamond Director. My biggest happiness though comes from becoming an agent of change in many people’s lives I believe that Modicare can make a difference in the life of so many people that society itself benefits.

I am grateful to all my business partners and especially to Samir Modi Sir who has offered a golden opportunity to the common man to reach great heights.

To fly a bird needs not only wings but also the open sky Yes, friends, I was born in a very simple family from Dafi, Kashi. We were struggling to make ends meet and come out of the clutches of poverty.

Starting from door-to-door tutoring then going on to stabilising five different businesses namely coaching institute, supply of construction materials, cloth shop, travel agency, and telecommunication. At the age of 22, my monthly income was already in six figures and that’s when Modicare came into my life.

This business turned my life around completely but yes, it was not that easy. Before things can change for the better, we have to first change ourselves, which is always painful and very difficult to do. Today I am living such a wonderful life that I never even dreamt of. Absolutely pure, working for the good of the people from morning till evening and rising above caste, religion and creed.

Vindhya Vasini Pandey

Working with the idea of a wonderful and spiritual ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah’, such a beautiful life I am living that it is not difficult but impossible to describe it in words. By imbibing the principle ‘Zorba, the Buddha’, living life with the highest energy level, a sense of public well-being and living at the climax of the material world, this spiritual journey has become the basis of my life.

I sincerely thank the Almighty God for this wonderful, unimaginable and wonderful life. Today, ruling in the hearts of millions of people of India, touching their feelings, trying to give a beautiful turn to their lives, I feel that God should give such a life to everyone. I now drive in a luxury car Mercedes-Benz E class, traveled to many international countries and even own a farmhouse.

Vindhya Vasini Pandey Life Style,

I also, built a small residential complex and I helped many people to become rich. Also, there are many colleagues in my team who drive their own Mercedes. I heartily thank Shri Samir Kumar Modi for all these achievements. I consider Samir Sir a messenger of God who is telling the true meaning of ‘Azadi’ to the Indian and helping them to achieve it.

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Modicare management and to all my colleagues who have been with us through thick and thin. I also want to extend my heartfelt thanks to my upline Shri Nagendra Pratap Singh Ji, due to whose blessings and religious deeds, we are progressing so much and moving forward. Lastly,

I request you all that if you want to give a beautiful turn to your life then just once understand the principle of ‘Power of Leveraging’ and ‘Power of Time Compounding’

Vindhya Vasini Pandey
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