You are currently viewing Siddharth Singh Vestige Income, Life Style Wife, Car, Cheque

Siddharth Singh Vestige Income, Life Style Wife, Car, Cheque

Siddharth Singh Vestige Income, Life Style, Wife, Car, Cheque,

Siddharth Singh is among Top Indian MLM Leaders and he is also the most followed networker in Vestige Marketing after Sonu Sharma.

Like most other network marketing leaders, Siddharth Singh’s life story is also motivating and teaches everyone to never quit. He is also named among Highest MLM Earners in Asia.

Siddharth Singh is a top networker in Vestige Business, motivational speaker, sports team mentor and a great family man.

In this post, we are going to take an overview of Siddharth Singh’s Biography and will know more about his income, car, house, cheque, and lifestyle. Because various Vestige distributors are keenly interested to know more about his life and often search Siddharth Singh’s Wikipedia.

Siddharth Singh Vestige Income, Car, House, Cheque

Let’s start Siddharth Singh’s story from the beginning.

Early Life

Siddharth Singh belongs to Delhi, India. He completed his high school at Gyan Bharti School, Saket, Delhi.

From the beginning, he was good at studies but not keenly interested in studies. Siddharth Singh’s mind was more towards sports and he used to play cricket for school & college teams and also served as captain.

But due to a serious injury in his knee, Singh’s sports career ended and his dream to become a professional player broke.

Siddharth Singh’s father had his own business but due to poor health, he was unable to handle and her mother was working in the private sector. Siddharth Singh’s mother was also handling a part-time business to manage their livelihood. But she was not earning well and they faced a financial trouble.

So to help his family Siddharth started doing a job, but he was not earning well. He started his own business of wholesale audio cassettes but within 1 year he failed in that business too.

Start of Network Marketing Career

According to one of his seminars, Siddharth Singh heard about Network Marketing for the first time in 1997. When a foreign company was going to launch its plan in India. So they were creating the on-paper network.

Siddharth does not take the name, But I think that company was Amway, because Amway came to India in 1998 and from the beginning, it is the most popular foreign MLM Company in India.

In 1998 Siddharth Singh and his mother started working in an Indian MLM company that was working for the past 2 years. Publicly, Siddharth has also not revealed the name of the first MLM company he worked in. But most probably it was Modicare Limited because Modicare was started in 1996.

Siddharth Singh was 21 years old when he joined the direct selling business.

In beginning, Siddharth did not get success in his Network Marketing Career. But he realized, that network marketing is the only way for him to get success because he already tried a job and a traditional business.

So his struggle in this industry continued.

Success in Network Marketing

Siddharth Singh was trying daily to fix meetings and recruit people. But more than 90% of people do not even meet him.

Siddharth Singh’s first month earning was 155 rupees, but he didn’t quit the MLM Business. He focused more on organizing home meetings. And after one year he got the result of his hard work.

1 year after joining in 1999, he was earning around 30,000 Rupees each month and till the year 2000, his monthly income crossed 70,000 rupees. And that time he bought his first car.

Later in 2000, due to the entry of various binary plan MLM Companies in India, his downline started breaking. The most prominent downlines for his earnings left him.

But Siddharth Singh was unstoppable and till 2001 he was earning 1 lac rupees every month.

Till 2004 he bought another car Skoda Octavia, a new house, and several foreign trips. Siddharth & his mother was earning a huge amount from the MLM Industry.

Siddharth Singh in Vestige

Vestige was started in the year 2004 by Gautam Bali, Deepak Sood and Kanwarbir Singh.

Siddharth Singh is one of the oldest leaders in Vestige Marketing Private Limited. He was an experienced network marketer and had excellent leadership qualities.

So his successful journey in Vestige was not harder like newcomers. After joining Vestige, soon he becomes one of the highest earners in Vestige.

Siddharth Singh is top in the Vestige Directors list and a Qualified Vestige Ambassador.

Married with Chanchal Singh

Siddharth Singh married Chanchal Singh which was a love marriage.

Chanchal Singh belongs to Utter Pradesh and causes of his father’s job, her family shifted to Delhi.

Chanchal Singh was working as a teacher and like most other typical Indian Parents, Chanchal’s father did not agree with their marriage and the main reason was that Siddharth is a network marketer.

But finally, they got married and later Chanchal gave birth to a girl and a boy.

Chanchal Singh is a life as well as the business partner of Siddharth Singh.

Several times Chanchal Singh & Siddharth Singh give the presentation together.

Siddharth Singh Income & Cars

In one of the Vestige seminars, Siddharth Singh was awarded with a cheque of 1.68 crore rupees by vestige directors. But we are not keenly sure about this figure.

Siddharth Singh & Chanchal Singh bought several cars together including Volvo XC90 which cost more than 80 lac rupees.

Learning From Siddharth Singh

There are various things, which we can learn from Siddharth Singh. He is dedicated & passionate about his works, that’s why in his early 20s he got success in MLM.

He has not looked back when his most important downlines left his network in the year 2000. He is always in the path of growing.

I hope this post on Siddharth Singh Vestige Income, Car, House, Cheque is motivating for you. 

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Siddharth Singh Vestige Income, Life Style Wife, Car, Cheque