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How to JOIN Vestige? Vestige joining / Registration is FREE but for life time registration of your Distributor ID it is necessary to purchase any vestige purchase products worth ₹ 1100 [30 PV = 540 BV] or above to activate your ID. You can also add Business Kit for ₹ 200 apart from the ₹ 1100 worth of products to your cart.

Welcome to Wonderful world of vestige now the golden opportunity to join vestige Registration here we will help you How to join Vestige in India  or Vestige India me Join Kaise Kare Or India Me vestige Registration kaise kare

दोस्तों आज हम आपको बहुत ही सरल तरीके से vestige Company को  ज्वाइन करने के बारे में बतायंगे की आप vestige  को कैसे ज्वाइन कर सकते है |

vestige company को आप दो तरीके से ज्वाइन कर सकते है

१ – ऑनलाइन

२ – ऑफलाइन

vestige join करने से पहले हम आप को vestige की कुछ terms & Conditions के बारे में बता देते है –

vestige को Join करना बहुत ही आसान है vestige को भी ब्यक्ति ज्वाइन कर सकता है लेकिन वह 18 साल से ऊपर का होना चाहिए | और पति पत्नी दोने में से कोई एक इस बिज़नस को कर सकता है

यदि पति और पत्नी दोनों अपनी ID बनाते है तो उनकी एक ही ID मान्य होगी –

vestige ज्वाइन करने के लिए कुछ दस्तावेज जरुरी है

१ – adhar card or voter id, or driving licence or passport

२ – bank passbook or cancelled Cheque, ifsc code, account number

३ – pan card


We are independent registered distributors of Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. This portal belongs to our team members who are working in different parts of India and abroad.

We are looking forward to team members like you from DUBAI/UAE. After joining you will be part of our Vestige and you will avail FREE learning and working guidance by our experts uplines.

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top direct selling companies in India with a distributor base of more than 2 crore and apart from India, Vestige is available in Dubai/UAE, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Thailand, Ghana & Nepal. Vestige is dealing with a wide range of Health Care, Personal Care, Cosmetic and Home Care products which are result oriented and it is an essential part of day to day life of everyone because of their good quality.




There is joining fee/charge. However you have to purchase few daily use products of your choice from Vestige to activate your distributor ID.


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A. Eligibility Criteria/Terms and Conditions for Individuals to Join Vestige Business

How to JOIN Vestige?

1. Individuals aged 18 years and above can apply to be a distributor of the Company.

2. The Company has absolute discretion to decide whether to accept or reject an application.

3. Distributor of the Company is not an agent, representative or employee. The relationship is on principal to principal basis.

4. All applications must be sponsored by an existing distributor.

5. Wife and husband constitute a single unit for the purposes.

6. Son or unmarried daughter of a distributor can join the Business with their independent ID if the line of sponsorship is under their family*ID. Similarly any of the family members can join under their son/unmarried daughter.


अब हम आपको vestige रजिस्ट्रेशन करना बताएँगे –

  • पहले आप अपने मोबाइल के play store में जाये और वहा सर्च करे vestige  इसे install करके इसे ओपन करे –
  • उसके बाद sign up button पर क्लिक करे
  • next आप से upline id मांगेगा  – 35939312
  • next country select करे  –   india
  • next tick on box  – I have read & agree To The Terms & Conditions
  • next tick on box – I am atleast 18 years old (21 years in case of domicile being Maharshtra) and citizen of india
  • next Pincode fill करे —– Pincode डालने के बाद State & City auto आ जायेंगा
  • fill मोबाइल नंबर –  —————नंबर डालने के बाद verify पर क्लिक करना है तब आपको एक verification code आपके नंबर पर आएगा उसको fill करके सबमिट कर देना है
  • next आपको email id भरना है ——-
  • next आप अपना पता ( address ) भरे ——
  • उसके बाद slect title –
  • next fill your first name ——-
  • next fill your Last name ——
  • date Of Birth ——-
  • Select Gender —–
  • Nominee name ——–
  • next select Any Distributor Id ——
and Click On Sign Up Button

After Click Sign Up Button आपका Distributor ID और Password आपके Mobile Par आ जायेगा

इसके बाद आपको vestige pos app playstore से download करना है और फिर उसमे आपको अपने distributor id & password से लॉग इन करना है उसके बाद आपको kyc/signed id proof पर क्लिक करना है

उसके बाद document type में अपन id select करना है उसके बाद आपको अपना id number डालकर अपने id  का आगे पीछे का फोटो उपलोड करना है उसके बाद save button पे क्लिक कर देना है

after registration आपको 30 pv यानि 1000 की shopping करना है उसके बाद आपकी ईद लाइफटाइम के लिए अच्तिवाते हो जाएगी

vestige ज्वाइन करने के फायदे –

समय की आज़ादी

सेल्फ depended

free में car

free में ghar

free में ghumana ( desh bidesh)

After Join Vestige Do 3steps

क्या यहाँ सब आप चाहते  है तो आज ही vestige को ज्वाइन करे –

vestige में क्या करना होगा –

vestige में कुछ नहीं करना है बस आपको अपने ghar का सामान बदलना है | आज तक जो सामान आप मार्किट से लेते थे वही सामान आपको vestige की दुकान से लेना है बस इतन ही करना है | और यही प्रोडक्ट आपको दुसरे के साथ शेयर करके उनको ज्वाइन करना है –

और उनका भी दुकान बदलवाना है ——–

जरा सोचिये आज तक हम जो सामान market से लेते रहे है काया वह दुकान दर हमें डिस्काउंट देता है

क्या free में कुछ  सामान देता है नहीं लेकिन vestige बिज़नस देता है

क्या कोई मार्किट का दुकानदार आपको सामान खरीदने पर ghar गाड़ी या travel का पैसा देता है नहीं

लेकिन vestige बिज़नस देता है तो हम vestige क्यों न करे


Vestige offers very rewarding bonuses for the efforts put into the business. The Vestige Marketing Plan is a cumulative plan where there is promotion in your level and never any demotion, i.e. your previous efforts and achievements are always counted in your bonus calculation.


1. Savings on Consumption: 10-20%
2. Performance Bonus: 5-11%
3. Bronze Director Bonus: 4%
4. Business Building Bonus: 14%
5. Leadership Overriding Bonus: 16%
6. Travel Fund: 5%
7. Car Fund: 5%
8. House Fund: 3%
9. Elite Club Bonus: 2%

To join now, please submit the form below. After receiving your details, we will connect with you

How Much You Can Earn By Following Vestige Plan

For your convenience, we can take one example in which you and your team members are joining just six members
continuously for four months.

MonthTeam Size
First MonthYou + 6 Direct Downline = 07
Second MonthYou + 6 + 36 = 43 Downlines
Third Month You + 42 + 216 = 259 Downlines
Fourth MonthYou + 248 + 1296 = 1555 Downlines
Vestige Income After 4 Month
Business Building Bonus60,000
Team Building Bonus40,000
Travel Fund12,000
Car Fund25,000
House Fund30,000

f you will follow the vestige plan then you can earn approx Rs. 2,87,000/- within 4 months. By joining vestige now you
can start your success

What will happen if I join Vestige?

It’s good that you want to join vestige. But first specify your goals that why you want to join vestige. There are many benefits of being a vestige distributor. Like money, health, good social circle, oppurtunity to meet great leaders, a result oriented life. But there is no free lunch. One has to equip himself with knowledge, passion, responsibility, lots of patience , lots of perseverance to achieve the desired level. But first specify what you want out of vestige and what prompts you to join it.

Is vestige products organic?

Vestige products are not completely organic but as far as I have experienced it is far better than other products I have used.

I have been using their products for quite sometime now and I have found it to be really good. All their products ranging from healthcare to personal care are genuine.
Few months back I purchased their calcium tablets for my mother based on the recommendations from a relative. My mom had been suffering from knee pain since a very long time and now that she has been taking it on a regular basis, she feels much lighter and the pain has also become lesser.
I am very happy with the results and would always go for Vestige products

Global rank of vestige is Top 30.

Fastest growing mlm company in India than any other company.
Constant growth since 2004.
The person having highest payout from mlm is from vestige . His name is Mr. Siddhart Singh. With monthly income 1cr+.
5 working in 7 more countries other than India.

Vestige Marketing pvt. Ltd. Has very bright future in India. Just leave any other company and join vestige if you want to make your future

Wish you wellth!!

What is Vestige company? And what do they do?
Vestige Marketing is a network marketing company from India that offers products from skincare and cosmetics to health supplements.

We wish you “wellth” (wealth and wellness) is the slogan for this Indian MLM. And they certainly picked a good market — India is primed and so ready for direct selling to explode.

They’ve been in the game for over a decade and are continuing to grow.

So should you get involved?

Maybe, if it’s the products that interest you…

When it comes to the business opportunity, however, there are certainly better options out there.

Either way, here’s 12 startling realities about Vestige Marketing.

Headquartered in India

The company was started in India, with its main headquarters in New Dehli.

Vestige Marketing opened up shop in 2004, so they’ve been around for over a decade now.

Started by some entrepreneurial superstars

Vestige Marketing was started by three successful Indian entrepreneurs – Gautam Bali, Deepak Sood, and Kanwar Bir Singh.

Bali, the managing director, has been CEO at a number of notable direct selling companies before. He’s helped Vestige become one of India’s top 5 direct selling companies.

Singh, Vestige’s IT Director, has years of experience heading software development teams at multi-national direct selling companies.

Sood, the company’s Director of Operations, is an operations expert with years of experience in everything from logistics to warehousing to networking.

Over 1,040,000 independent distributors

That’s right…

Over a million distributors. Insane!

This company is huge. On top of that, they’ve also got over 1,000 full-time employees, 1,100 service centers, and 24 branch offices.

Huge range of products

Vestige carries more products than your local drugstore.

They’ve even made it a goal to introduce 15 new products every year.

They fall under a variety of categories, although most are health, personal care, or cosmetics products. Here are some examples:

Personal care products
Oral care products
Health care products
Household products

Four different brands

Vestige Marketing is also an umbrella for five different lines of product that they carry:

Ayusante is a line of Ayurvedic health and wellness products
Mistral of Milan is their line of high-end cosmetic products (better than Nerium or Jeunesse?)
Truman Pour Homme is their line of men’s personal care products
Skin Formula 9 is their line of advanced skincare products
Hyvest is their line of home cleaning products
They’ve got a little bit of everything for everyone. They’re also playing off the European sophistication trend in their marketing – their cosmetics line is branded as Italian, their men’s products as French, and their skincare formula as Swiss.

High-end manufacturing

Their manufacturing equipment is state-of-the-art and up to the highest standards. It’s GMP certified and ISO 9001-2008 certified.

Manufacturing standards were recently updated with an ISO 9001-2015 certification, which they don’t appear to have, but it is fairly new and a lot of companies are still adjusting.

10%-20% “Savings on consumption”

Vestige Marketing calls the distributor discount of 10%-20% a “Savings on Consumption.” Of course, this is also your commission on personal sales, should you make any. Clearly, the focus when it comes to income is placed on recruiting.

While 20% is on the lower end of the standard range for commission, earning less than that is a pretty poor commission rate.

Seven bonuses

With Vestige Marketing, there are seven ways to earn:

Savings on consumption: 10%-20%
Accumulative performance bonus: 5%-20%
Director bonus: 14%
Leadership overriding bonus: 15%
Travel fund: 3%
Car fund: 5%
House fund: 3%
To make up for their poor commission on personal sales, Vestige does offer one of the better performance bonuses in the industry.

Travel fund? House fund? What?!

Car bonuses are a dime a dozen in MLM (hint: Mary Kay and Kyani ).

But you tell me someone’s gonna bankroll my trips to Greece and buy me that dream house in Malibu?

I’m listening.

Silver Directors and above are allocated 3% of the company’s monthly BV which is translated into a point value. These points can then be used for company travel trips.

Alright, so not that different from the trip bonuses offered by other MLMs.

Crown Directors and above are allocated 3% of the company’s monthly BV which is translated into a point value. These points can be used toward mortgage payments. This bonus is pretty unique.

Direct selling expected to grow immensely in India

The direct selling industry may see some rough patches in the states, but it is smooth sailing in India.

According to a recent report ‘Direct Selling: Dehli – A Global Industry, Empowering Millions’, direct selling is predicted to become a top industry by 2025.

The health and wellness, cosmetics, and household goods industries (of which Vestige Marketing is a part) are also expected to grow at 10-16%.

There is a bright future for Vestige in India, but…

Rapid growth of direct selling in India could bring instability

Because direct selling, which is newer and less established in India, has been growing so quickly, it’s also gaining more attention from the government.

The report also implies that a slew of reforms will likely take place over the next decade as the government tries to ensure that companies are operating ethically and sustainably. We’ve seen MLMs get shut down time and time again in the U.S., so it wouldn’t be a surprise if this eventually started happening in India.

The question, then, is whether or not Vestige Market will be able to adapt and continue to grow amidst changing laws and regulations.

The FSSAI has already asked Vestige to withdraw some products

In early 2016, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) issued directives to Vestige to withdraw some controversial products, in part because they never obtained the required approval to market them in the first place.

However, the products were never withdrawn, and the FSSAI and the FDA have yet to find the power to enforce their directives.

How To Join Vestige
How To Join Vestige

Vestige video In Hindi

Vestige CNT In Hindi



At first download Vestige Online Shopping Mobile App from the below link and proceed for sign up.
vestige online shopping app play store  vestige online shopping app store




Once you get the Distributor ID, you will be able to purchase products & start your business. Follow the Faqs below for further details.

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