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How To Use Modicare Sofwash Soap In Hindi MRP. DP. PV. BV.

Modicare Sofwash Soap

Modicare Sofwash Soap

Modicare Sofwash. As we know that millions of people in India do the work of Modicare Network Marketing today. These people use Sofwash Soap and Hand Wash in their daily life.

This product of Modicare is widely used. After talking to many Modicare leaders, it has come to know that many people who do not Modicare also use Sofwash Soap and Hand Wash. Let us take information about Modicare Sofwash Soap and understand why millions of people are using Sofwash Soap and Hand Wash.

Gentle on your skin

Modicare’s Sofawash Soap gives you complete guarantee of germ free wash. Using it kills germs and bacteria. The dust and dirt that accumulates on your skin gets eliminated. Since Modicare has used gels to make these soaps. Hence it is very gentle to use and gives a feeling of softness.

Sofwash White Pearl Soap

Modicare Company has formulated a gentle cleansing soap enriched with Glycerin and Germ Guards to moisturize and protect your skin.

Its use will refresh your body with a yucous fragrant aroma. Along with this, your skin will also feel soft and smooth. You will get this soap at half the rate as compared to the soap you get from the market. Because it is far better than them in quality.

Code: PCS5229 Pack of 4 (75 gm each) MRP: Rs 230

Sofwash Glycerin & Honey Bar

This product (Softwash Product) is made from Glycerin and Honey Bar. The glycerin and honey used in this will give you a feeling of gentle cleansing.

Along with this it will also moisturize and nourish your skin. Use it daily to maintain the natural balance of the skin.

Sofwash Glycerin & Honey Bar is also suitable for sensitive skin types. It will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized.

This soap prevents the loss of moisture from the skin and makes it glowing. The honey used in this soap will nourish your skin and act as an antiseptic.

Code: PCS4003 Pack of 2 (100g each) MRP: 175

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Sofwash Orange Soap

If you like orange flavored soap for bathing, then you can go for Modicare’s Sofwash Orange Soap. It will fill you body with orange fragrance and make you feel refreshed. Apart from this, it also gives a cool feeling.

Code: PC4012 Pack of 1 (100 g)
MRP: ₹42.00

Sofwash Aloe Vera, Neem & Tulsi Soap

Many people in India believe in Ayurveda and also use Ayurvedic products in their lives. If you are a fan of products related to Aloe Vera, Tulsi and Neem then Modicare Sofwash Aloe Vera, Neem & Tulsi Soap will be perfect for you. With its daily use, your skin becomes soft. Apart from this, diseases related to skin are also cured. If you have any skin disease, then you must try this soap once.

Code: PC4010 Pack of 1 (100 g)
MRP: ₹42.00

Sofwash Sandal Soap

Many people in India who are knowledgeable in Ayurveda or believe in Ayurveda use soap made from pure sandalwood oil for bathing. This type of soap removes the dirt of the body as well as gives a feeling of sandalwood fragrance.

Modicare has also brought a soap made of pure sandalwood oil to fulfill this need of yours. Which you can use for bath. The name of this soap is Sofwash Sandal Soap.

Code: PC4011 Pack of 1 (100 g)
MRP: ₹42.00

Sofwash Anti-Bacterial Soap

Keeping in mind the safety of your skin, Modicare has come up with another soap named Sofwash Anti-Bacterial Soap. This soap makes your bath anti-bacterial as well as nourishes your skin.

Modicare has used Triclosan and Neem extracts to make this soap. It is said in Ayurveda that such extracts keep the body skin free from disease and also protect it from pollution. So use Sofwash Anti-Bacterial Soap in your bath and get rid of diseases.

Code: PC4014 Pack of 1 (75 g)
MRP: ₹58.00

Sofwash Lime Soap

If you want to start the day with a nice shower then you can use Sofwash Lime Soap in your bath. It will keep you fresh throughout the day. Apart from this, it will also protect your skin from various types of bacteria. It will also make your skin fresh and moisturized.

Code: PC4013 Pack of 1 (100 g)
MRP: ₹42.00

Baby Spa Nourishing Soap

According to Ayurveda, the soap which is used for bathing small children. It should be chosen very carefully. Because baby’s skin is very delicate and soft. Apart from this, their skin is also very sensitive. Very quickly, the infestation of bacteria and insects falls on them. So use such soap for children’s use.

So that your children are not harmed. Keeping this need in mind, Modicare company has brought Baby Spa Nourishing Soap. This soap is rich in milk proteins, vitamins A and E. This soap keeps your child away from diseases. Also it keeps their skin soft, smooth and healthy.

Code: BC0002 Pack of 1 (75 g)
MRP: ₹75.00

How To Use Modicare Sofwash Soap In Hindi MRP. DP. PV. BV.