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How To Make Money fast In Modicare? Join Now

how to make money fast in Modicare

How To Make Money fast In Modicare? Join Now

I am network marketing entrepreneur. Rising from an average educational, technical and financial background, I presently lead a strong team and I alongwith my team members are earning a collective group income of Rs. 30 Lakh per month from network marketing business at Modicare Ltd.

All members of my team are group leaders in turn for their own teams and the whole business has a compounded growth month after month. If you want to be part of this amazing business, pl. respond with your comments. This business has equal opportunities for both males and females. You can start this business without affecting your routine job/work.

Benefits of a network marketing over traditional marketing:

In traditional market, cost of supply chain is very huge. A product manufactured by a company goes to stockists then to distributors then to wholesalers then to retailers and finally to customer. Thus, the customer has to bear the cost of profits retained by each person in the supply chain. Moreover, logistic cost multiplies as the product reaches customer after exchanging different hands.

Another big element of cost in the traditional market is advertisement expenses. On an average, it is assumed that where a manufacture could pass on a product for Rs. 30 directly, in traditional market the customer has to bear a cost of Rs. 100 for the same product. The additional costs saved by a network Company are paid to the networkers in the form of monthly cheques.


Network marketing is direct selling mode of sale of goods by a Company. A person to be eligible to buy products of the Company has to register with the Company and is issued a unique ID and is called a distributor. The person can sponsor other buyers like him to the Company who in turn are issued their unique ID and every such registered distributor in turn sponsor his own persons.

Thus, a network of distributors is created under a person at the apex of the network tree and every distributor is at the apex of his own team. The person at the apex is benefited by all the purchases made in his team according to a defined pay out plan.


MODICARE Ltd. a direct-selling Company/network marketing Company is backed by 3 pillars of strength known by 3 ‘P’s, i.e. PROMOTERS, PRODUCTS AND PLAN. 


An Indian group, Modi Group of Companies (presently K.K. Modi Group), which is one of the oldest & highly respected Industrial group in India  in whose name the famous City of MODINAGAR is named in U.P. and is presently a Rs. 65000 Crore + strong group with an ownership of about 30+ premium Companies. Thus being backed by a highly successful conglomerate, the reputation of its promoters is a great asset to the Company which assures its reliability.


The MODICARE Limted direct selling products are one of the highest quality products with a great satisfaction level with the Customers/distributors and in keeping with the Indian sentiments all products are strictly vegetarian and organic (except Joint Ease (Glucosamine) which has only origin is animals. All products comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

With its versatile range of 500 + products in the categories of Food & beverages, Home Care, Laundry Care, Health and Nutrition alongwith Anti radiation products, Color Cosmetics, Skin Care products, personal care products, Watches, artificial jewellery, Agriculture products and anti-hacking software for mobiles, the Company is one of the highest selling products with a recurring demand month after month and keeps its customers attached to the Company with a highest Customer base in direct selling Industries in India.

The highly competitive prices in comparison to the other direct selling companies and even the traditional market products gives an edge to the Company over the other Companies in direct selling Industry to retaining its Customer base.  

MODICARE Limited products are a unique blend of high quality & economical prices not seen anywhere in any other direct selling industry in India. The products are manufactured with quality only known to the elite class but prices suiting to the pocket of masses.


MODICARE Limited is perhaps the only Company with a clear and transparent plan that fully justify the true concept of network marketing Company which is based on the premise that 65-70% of the cost borne by the Customer in traditional selling Companies in the form of supply chain distribution expenses (stockists-wholesaler-retailer etc)., advertisement expenses, additional logistic expenses for transporting goods from manufacturer-stockist-wholesaler-retailer supply chain are saved in direct selling Industry and all these benefits are passed on to its loyal customers/distributors.   

MODICARE income plan has a twin objective, whereas it provides high incentives in the form of discounts ranging upto 30-35 % (and a nominal cash income by cheque) on purchase price of its products to its loyal customers on monthly purchases which ensures that the entry level distributors are benefited by the highly economical prices of the products and it provides a high bonus of 33-35% of its monthly sale value distributed at various levels of achievers based on their distribution network. In gross MODICARE Limited provides 65-70 percent of incentives/bonus to its distributors which fully justifies the concept of network marketing.


A networker is supposed to be loyal customer of his/her Company and must use all the products of the Company which are of its use ( For details of Modicare Products pl. visit Must feel the inherent strength of the products by its use and multiple re-use.

This will establish faith in the products so that he can propose somebody else with conviction. He must under that in network marketing if a product has withstood the test of time, it is a quality product beyond doubt otherwise in network marketing product will wipe out from market after initial trials. This is so because product has not sustained itself because of aggressive marketing but because of word of mouth and a sustained word of mouth cannot be bought.

Once a networker is convinced about the value for money of the products, he has to examine the plan of the Company. Whether the plan has something for the customers at the entry level which can be a discounted product cost with a cash back (in form of cheques) so that the persons at the entry level could be retained in the Company.

How this system works, there is a write-up as under :

It is great challenge for a networker to bring other customers to the Company and make them change their buying habits because inertia plays a great role. Once one has satisfied that the products of the company are quality products and has a value for money for everybody who associates with the Company, he has to examine the plan of the Company from earning point of view.

The past examples of successful networkers in his Company can be good guide. He has to ensure that there may be a substantial number of networkers earning decent incomes and income should not be only in the hands of the few. A good networking plan is where there is a graded income from top to bottom.

Now he has to convince other peoples about the credentials of the products of the Company as well as the earning potential from the Company and make other people associate with the Company. THE FUNDANTAL OF A DECENT INCOME FROM A NETWORK COMPANY IS THAT THE BIGGER THE NETWORK, THE BIGGER THE PURCHASE IN HIS GROUP AND THE BIGGER HIS CHEQUE. This cheque has an unlimited potential and after a certain level of achievement in proliferation of network, this is unstoppable and ever increasing.


A networker must keep in mind that developing a network is a gradual process and it develops slowly and steadily. In a true network Company the income does not come by wind-fall. It takes minimum one year and normally 3-5 years to develop a reasonable income Network which comes in auto mode of development i.e. even if you are not able to put substantial efforts still may keep on growing.

For 3-5 years, though a networker can keep on pursuing networking business part time but he has to devote a lot of time in learning the skills of network marketing. Most of successful network marketing Companies have their own training and development system through their own sales and training team coupled by teams of successful networkers in the Company.

The learning involves three type of skills – product knowledge vis-a vis products in the competition, payment plan structure and how efficiently the same has be build and lastly and most importantly to keep motivation high even in failures.


The failures here means that in the initial phase of development of business, with a high motivation, a number of people are persuaded to join but due to lack of skills, they are not sufficiently educated how the system is going to benefit them and consequently they do not participate in business growth and leave the system too early.

With a repetitive such failures, the person gets de-motivated and quit the business. Any networker must learn that joining and quitting is a process in network marketing just like a traditional shop in the shopping mall where number of visitor have a look at the product and only few will buy. But in network marketing advantage is that the product is a person.

And once you are successful to sell your product, you get multiply to sell another product and the process keep on multiplying and develops into a successful business.


Theoretically, the income prospect is unlimited. I know a person in MODICARE with an income of Rs. 10 Cr. per annum. There are many more with even more income and this income is keep on multiplying every year. The best part of this income is that it is not dependent upon your personal involvement after a certain level of achievement as most of this income is passive income.


Though this business is pursued all over the world by both sexes but by my experience to the Indian reference, women are more successful in this business. There are many reasons for this. First and the foremost, the women are natural extollers ( i.e. recommenders ).

It is their inborn instinct to recommend others once they feel something is good. This is the first requirement to be successful in this business. Secondly, they are by nature resilient. Thus they can keep continuing in the business even with a little success in the beginning while males leave too early.

Thirdly, for many of them even a small income of their own is morale boosting if they are a house-wife and enough motivating factor to keep in business. Fourthly, they are in good communicators. Fifthly, they are more associated and communicative to their friends and relations. Sixthly, they have more spare time. Seventhly,

They are easily fascinated by the facilitation and glamour they get in the business in public meetings organised by the Company. Eighthly, the international trips are which are a part of the system of any developed network marketing Company is a dream come true

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How To Make Money fast In Modicare? Join Now