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Who Is Modicare Top Earner? | Modicare Top Earner/Achiever

Who Is Modicare Top Earner? | Modicare Top Earner/Achiever,

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Who Is Modicare Top Earner? | Modicare Top Earner/Achiever

Modicare Top Earner Is Dr. Surekha Bhargava From a simple housewife to becoming an MLM legend, Dr. Surekha Bhargava’s story motivates million of direct sellers in the country. Surekha Bharghav is an MLM Leader, Author and PhD degree holder who traveled to 56+ country. She had already worked for more than 23 years in the direct selling industry.

Dr. Surekha Bhargava is one of the most successful MLM Leader of Modicare. His life shows that women are not less than men. She can also become a successful marketer in Direct Selling. Thousands of youth have been successful in Direct Selling / Network Marketing by taking inspiration from Dr. Surekha Bhargava. MLM Leaders claim that the monthly income of dr surekha bhargava is around 1 crore. Today he owns two Mercedes cars, a Mercedes SUV and a Mercedes S-Class car. The cost of his Mercedes S-Class is around Rs 1.5 crore.

Dr. Surekha Bhargava’s wiki, monthly income, house, car, life story, modicare cheque, family, net worth

Dr. Surekha Bhargava’s wiki, monthly income, house, car, life story, modicare cheque, family, net worth and complete biography will be covered in this post.

So let’s learn more about Dr. Surekha Bhargava.

Full NameDr. Surekha Arun Bhargava
Place BornAjmer, Rajasthan
EducationB.COM, M.COM, M.Phil. PhD
SpouseArun Bhargava (CA)
Current ResidenceDelhi
OccupationMLM Leader, Author
Net Worth20 Crores (Estimated)
Modicare RankGlobal Black Diamond Director

Early Life

Surekha Bhargava was born in a middle-class family in Ajmer. Her mother was a government teacher and her father was working in government government job.

Surekha grew up with her two sisters in an environment where his father never discriminates between girls and boys. Dr. Surekha’s father always motivated and supported her in life, which helped her to pursue higher education.

Surekha Bhargava’s Education

Surekha Bhargava is a highly qualified woman. She first studied B.COM and M.COM then she completed her M.Phil. She also cleared the UGC NET exam which is required to become a Professor or Junior Research Fellowship.

After that, she did PhD in accounting, from their she got the Doctor prefix in her name.

Married Life

Just after her education completion, Surekha Bhargava’s family started looking for a groom for her.

Surekha Bhargava married Arun Bhargava who was a struggling charted accountant (CA). After marriage, Surekha Bhargava shifted to Delhi as a housewife.

The Unfulfilled Dream

Surekha Bhargava was always busy with her household work and caring for her son. But there was something else in Surekha Bhargava’s mind.

One day when her husband brings bundles of the files home and reads the account of people who are earning 7-figure income monthly. Surekha Bhargava used to dream When we will earn that much?

Surekha Bhargava wanted to help his struggling CA husband, therefore she started looking for a job. But most of the time due to the lack of confidence and communication skills, she was unable to get a decent job.

Her dream to get rich and live a luxurious life was getting bigger in her mind, but she was unable to do so.

Entry to Network Marketing-

In 1996, one-day Surekha Bhargava got a call from an unknown direct seller and that person told her about an MLM opportunity.

The person was a modicare consultant and explained her about the company’s business plan. Surekha Bhargava got impressed by the no-risk and the low investment MLM opportunity.

At that time modicare only have 8 products. Surekha Bhargava prepared the product demo and started her network marketing career, without thinking for a second time.

Surekha Bhargava Income

After joining the Modicare’s business plan Surekha Bhargava and her family never looked back.

For several years she was top earner of Modicare. There is Surekha Bhargava’s one popular video on youtube in which she got a 5 crore rupees cheque from the modicare.

I don’t have verified sources, but most Modicare consultants and promotional videos claim that Dr. Surekha Bhargava’s monthly income is 80 Lakh rupees.

The Struggle Period

Surekha Bhargava was rocking in network marketing career. But in 2005 the hardest part of her life started.

Her husband Arun Bhargava got a brain hemorrhage and due to this, his partial body got paralyzed.

For 13 years her husband suffered from paralysis and around 2016 Arun Bhargava took his last breath.

But in an interview, she told when she was busy with her husband’s treatment and care, she was getting continuous income from Modicare.

The passive income from modicare downline was around 5 lakh rupees each month. Surekha Bhargava featured various times in Modicare catalogue and magazine.

House & Car

We don’t have any information about Surekha Bhargava’s house. But she lives in Delhi with her son at the in-law house.

Surekha Bhargava has two Mercedes cars, in which one is Mercedes’s SUV and the other is Mercedes s-class which costs around 1.5 Crore rupees.

Who Is Modicare Top Earner? | Modicare Top Earner/Achiever