What is Modicare Active Max?|Why Use Modicare Active Max?

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What is Modicare Active Max?

What is Modicare Active Max?

What is Modicare Active Max?|Why Use Modicare Active Max?

Microbiology Research Modicare Active Max is extracted from marine plants by microbial metabolic action. It develops the metabolic activity of plants through advanced technology, which increases their growth and yield. This product is sold by Modicare Network Marketing only. Therefore, to buy it, contact Modicare Leaders or visit the Modicare Online Portal. Modicare has registered

Why use Modicare Active Max?

  1. Farmers’ concerns
  2. Germination issues
  3. Abiotic stress
  4. Fertilizer efficiency
  5. Reduced yield and quality
  6. Poor soil

Factors Affecting Yield

  1. Nutritional needs: different needs at different stages; 200% to 500% maximum nutrients are required at the time of seedling of the plant.
  2. Transport of nutrients: Some partially transported nutrients cause an uneven distribution of nutrients in plants.
  3. Soil inability: unable to provide nutrients in bioavailable forms
  4. Abiotic Stress, Drought, and Flooding: Environmental Conditions
Solutions developed by us to increase the productivity of plants Indolife Nutrient Enabler Technology
  1. Raw material
  2. Bacteria discovered by research
  3. Microorganism Metabolic Process
  4. Skill to make

Raw material: sea plants from Ireland

Plants extracted from the sea: sea grass is saved from heating under the Spray Drying Method. It is harvested on the unspoiled west coast of Ireland. Organic Certificate (Organic Trust And Listed by OMRI)

  1. Microbial strain selection after extensive research
  2. Microbial Metabolites
  • Enzyme
  • Bioactive Compounds
  • Bioavailable Nutrients
  • बायो सर्फेक्टेंट (biosurfactant)

Under very favorable conditions, bacterial metabolites are released.


  • Compounds
  • by plant nutritionists
  • long shelf life
  • Bioavailable Nutrients

Its combination is not only science but also art.

  1. Microbial metabolites accelerate plant growth.
  2. The genes and amino acids found in it nourish the microflora of the soil.
  3. Due to the properties of Microflora, white roots develop in plants.
  4. Due to their whiter roots, plants take more nutrition from the soil.
  5. Due to more nutrition, the process of photosynthesis in plants is good.

How is the composition of Modicare Active Max?

  1. Hydrolyzed proteins and amino acids: 25%
  2. Humic Acid-10%
  3. Microbial Metabolites from Sea Plants: 60%
  4. Polysaccharide: 5%

How Does Active Max Work?

  1. Chlorophyll increases the photosynthesis process, which makes plants more green and produce more food.
  2. Stress Relief: Activemax has certain elements that increase the power of plants to fight against the side effects of the environment.
  3. Immune system: Continuous use of Active Mact increases the power of plants and crops to fight against many bacteria and fungi.
  4. Microorganism: Leaks from the roots, which give nutrition to the microorganisms of the soil, due to which the microbe grows in the soil. Also helps improve the solubility and Transmission
  5. Increased nutritional intake increases the number of white roots in plants and crops, due to which plants and crops take more nutrition from the soil.

Active Max Features

  1. Very high-quality raw material, imported from Europe’s largest seaweed producer
  2. Formulation: matching or combination of ingredients in the right proportion
  3. Microbial metabolic activity is carried out under the close supervision of experts.

Benefits of Active Max

  1. Increase in the germination of seeds
  2. better photosynthesis
  3. grow white roots
  4. reduce crop stress
  5. Better Fruits and Flowers
  6. Better quality of fruits
  7. good yield
  8. Increase in soil microflora

Use of Modicare Active Max at different stages

  1. On seeds, Mix 2 to 3 ml of Actimax in one liter of water. After this, plant the seeds after wetting them for 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Boj coating: Take 1 kg of seed in a polybag and do a uniform coating with 2 to 3 ml of Actimax.
  3. Root Dipping: Wet the roots of the plants in a 2 to 3 percent Actimax solution for 4 to 5 minutes, then do the work of transplanting.
  4. Foliar Spray: Use 2 to 3 ml of Actimax per liter of water according to the stages of plants and crops. In vegetative phase, 1 ml/L Before flowering: 1 ml/L 2 ml/L at the time of fruit set
  5. Active Mac can be mixed into a variety of pesticides and fertilizers. But here it is advised that before mixing it in the whole tank, its compatibility should be checked in a little mixture.

Features and Precautions of Active Max

  • Black-brown in color
  • Thick liquid
  • Highly soluble in water
  • non-toxic in nature
  • Shelf Life: 5 Years
  • Precautions
  • Keep in a cool, dry place.
  • Close the lid tightly after use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Check its compatibility before mixing it in the tank.

Use of Modicare Active Max in different crops

  1. Field crop
  2. Pulses
  3. Vegetables
  4. tree planting
  5. Horticultural crops
  6. Oilseeds
  7. Spices
  8. Lone Garden
  1. Golf Course
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Flower farming
  4. forage crops

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