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Modicare Sucess Success stories | Modicare Limited


Power Of Modicare Business Plan | Network Marketing

Surekha Bhargava

‘I Am Living The Modiway’ and it is not just about earning money. We used to listen to our elderly say that no one will adopt us and we have to work hard to create our own fortune. On the contrary, we got adopted by Modiway and suddenly we were part of those who were born with a silver spoon. We got a chance to learn how a billionaire thinks and acts.

We received not the bookish knowledge but the practical wisdom from the billionaire who like an enlightened guru transformed each one of us personally. We call this ‘Modiway’ the Samir Modi way. Samirji is giving his time, energy and insights, to teach us what richness is all about. He took 100 fastest growing leaders to London and treated us at those exclusive places where his mother used to throw parties.

When I saw London from a helicopter I learnt what money can buy. What Samirji is doing for the state of Kerala after the devastating flood is the purest and highest form of learning for me as to how a rich evolved leader thinks. He ushered me into a higher orbit when I purchased my S Class Mercedes for showing off at IDSA meet and Samir ji said. ‘Surekhaji, you have purchased this car with an agenda in your mind but you will be truly rich when you will spend money just for the pleasure sake.’ I experienced this when I threw a luxurious destination 50th birthday party in Goa.

Those few days made me feel as if I was born rich. This year I shifted to my new house with a helipad on top of it and now thinking what to buy next. Modiway is a gigantic uplifting wave to take us to the unimaginable heights of happiness in a grand style. We are blessed to have Samirji as our leader, philosopher and guide. Let’s ride the wave of Modiway that he is creating for all of us!

Daminder Singh

Daminder Singh

Before joining Modicare, I was in marketing, and Philip, my husband, was an aeronautical engineer. Most people think that working hard is the way to succeed, but it is also important to work smartly.

The opportunity we were looking for to fulfil our dreams came in the form of Modicare, which promised freedom, spare time, a dream home and world travel. Though I worked alone at first, I won the support of my husband, and this set the ball rolling for success. Throughout my Modicare journey, I have believed in myself. With dedication and commitment, we could see Modicare working for us.

We managed to move from a rented quarter to a posh apartment with three swimming pools and now own three cars: a Honda City, a Swift, and a BMW. We feel like celebrities. The Samir Modi Azadi Plan is 100% result oriented. Modicare products have great quality and are affordable. Our success would not have been possible without the support of our downlines, each of whom we thank for their teamwork and support.

We offer special thanks to Raju, Vijay and Chandru, Mr Prashant Prem, Mr Subrato, whose guidance was like an upline to us, and our dear upline Dr Surekha Bhargava who has been there when we have needed her. Thanks is a small word for what MODICARE has done for us and for all Modicare consultants. We are blessed to have Shri K. K. Modi and Mr Samir Modi as our founders who have given us and lakhs of people this opportunity.

Pramod Acharya

Pramod Acharya

I am a housewife. My husband Pramod started with Modicare 18 years ago. I remember the day he told me about a business opportunity promising millions of rupees, but I did not believe him. I objected to and rejected Modicare as I was unaware of the potency of network marketing.

But he went ahead. He purchased Modicare products and asked me to use them to assess their quality. The quality of Modicare products gave me confidence. Initially we faced difficulties and challenges, but our achievement is much bigger than our challenges combined. When we started, we wrote all our dreams in a dream book, and almost all of them have turned into reality today.

Today we stay in our own house, use luxury cars, have visited many countries, have well educated children, and have celebrated our daughter’s marriage in a grand way. We thank Mr K. K. Modi, Mr Samir Modi and the Modicare management for providing such a beautiful business opportunity. We especially thank our uplines Mrs Rashmi and Mr Dhimant Kapadia, Dr Surekha and Mr Arun Bhargava, and Mrs & Mr K. S. Bhargava for helping us achieve this position.

We have been lucky enough to get many talented and dynamic business partners, and we take great pleasure in thanking them for being with us. Our experience says that anyone can achieve success with Modicare. May God bless all of you and may you be successful. All the best.

Manoj Malik

Manoj Malik

I come from a middle-class family. My parents were in government service. They gave me the best possible education and I grew up to be a Mechanical Engineer. However I could not see my dreams being fulfilled by doing a regular job.

Thanks to my good friend Tarun bhai who introduced me to Modicare.  My wife Sarika and I started our journey in September 2012. We realised that Modicare was a perfect combination of Profile, Plan, Products and Price that we were looking for. For a solid and stable growth we worked in a systematic way, we started our team and then there was no looking back.

We have achieved the highest title of Global Black Diamond Director at Modicare in the just 4.8 years. We have also succeeded in upgrading our car to Toyota Fortuner, have qualified to visit exotic foreign destinations like Malaysia, Dubai–Abu Dhabi,Turkey, Bangkok–Pattaya, Moscow and London, as also Indian destinations.

Vindhya Vasini Pandey

Vindhya Vasini Pandey

I come from a middle class family in Dafi village, Varanasi. I initially worked at my father’s clothing shop and later ran a coaching institute, leading a comfortable life. When I initially came across Modicare, I rejected it, but a voice inside kept saying that I can achieve my dreams with Modicare but not with coaching. 

So I decided to join Modicare while running the coaching institute, but ran into much opposition from family members.My Modicare business started picking up, but I had a difficult time retaining people because most people lacked the confidence and passion required for network marketing.

I focused on attending training programs, utilizing business tools and reading books. I also focused on networking partners who were passionate about Modicare. My business grew. Courtesy of my upline N. P. Singh and others in Modicare, I traveled to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Spain, Turkey, Moscow, Dubai, Bangkok and London. Modicare has changed my whole life –

I got three cars including a Mercedes, a farmhouse, and a dream home. I am very pleased to have gifted my parents six foreign trips. My biggest happiness though comes from becoming an agent of change in many people’s lives. I believe that Modicare can make a difference in the life of so many people. I am grateful to all my business partners and especially to Samir Modi Sir who has offered a golden opportunity to the common man to reach great heights.

Akshi Dutta

Akshi Dutta

I am a graduate from Delhi University. My father made me join Modicare six years ago, while I was still in college. Initially I was not keen on it, but after meeting Mr. Manoj Malik, I was impressed. Rest, as they say, is history. My faith and confidence in Modicare grew with each passing day and with each of my achievement.

Within a short span of time, Modicare started giving me a good regular income and made me financially secure at a very young age. I am proud that on silver jubilee of my parents’ anniversary in 2016, I gifted them a Vitara Breeza through Car Fund. I also purchased a 3 BHK apartment in Greater Faridabad worth Rs.70 lac through House Fund. I became the youngest to travel to Bangkok, even before my 20th birthday. Since then I have visited Malaysia, Turkey, Moscow, London and Dubai. There are many more trips and luxury cruises to come. My biggest moment was when I purchased my dream car Jaguar just before my 25th birthday,

By reaching this level, I have proudly joined my mentors – Mr. Manoj Malik, Dr. Surekha Bhargava and Mr. Tarun Bajaj. I thank the entire Modicare Management and Mr. Samir Modi for providing us with such a wonderful platform where anybody can fulfil their dreams.Thanks to my mentors for inspiring me. Thanks to Mrs. Meenu and Tarun Bajaj Sir. I bow my head to my heart lines without whom nothing could have been possible. I am proud to have you all in my life. Thanks to my loving family too, for their love and support

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