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Modicare Customer Price List


Personal care

BC0002Baby Spa Nourishing Soap75 g75.00
BC0003Baby Spa Milk Cream50 g110.00
BC0004Baby Spa Moisturising Lotion200 ml192.00
BC0005Baby Spa No-Tears Shampoo200 ml210.00
BC0007Baby Spa Diaper Rash Cream50 g165.00
BC0008Baby Spa Massage Oil200 ml215.00
BC0009Baby Spa Talc Powder100 g90.00
BC0010Baby Spa 2 in 1 Bubble Bath & Wash200 ml221.00
BC0012Baby Spa Soft Cleansing Wipes80 Unit240.00

Fresh Moment

PC2000Fresh Moments Toothpaste100 g85.00
PC2001Fresh Moments Toothbrush3 Unit235.00
PC2002Fresh Moments Toothbrush4 Unit196.00
PC2004Fresh Moments Gel Toothpaste100 g115.00
PC0035Fresh Moments Anti-Cavity Toothpaste100 g54.00
PC0036Fresh Moments Herbal Toothpaste100 g66.00


PC5229Sofwash White Pearl Soap4 Unit x 75 g230.00
PC4003Sofwash Glycerine & Honey Bar2 Unit x 100 g175.00
PC4011Sofwash Sandal Soap100 g42.00
PC4013Sofwash Lime Soap100 g42.00
PC4014Sofwash Anti-bacterial Soap75 g58.00
PC4010Sofwash Aloe Vera, Neem, Tulsi Soap100 g42.00
PC4012Sofwash Orange Soap100 g42.00
PC4005Sofwash 3 IN 1 Hand wash,          Shower Gel & Bubble Bath – Green Apple250 ml183.00
PC4002Sofwash 3 IN 1 Hand Wash,         Shower Gel & Bubble Bath – Citrusy lime250 ml183.00
PC4001Sofwash 3 IN 1 Hand Wash                Shower Gel & Bubble Bath – Berry Strawberry250 ml183.00
PC4007Sofwash 3 IN 1 Hand wash, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath – Berry Strawberry Refill Pouch500 ml290.00
PC4008Sofwash 3 IN 1 Hand Wash, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath – Green Apple Refill Pouch500 ml290.00
PC4009Sofwash 3 IN 1 Hand Wash Shower Gel & Bubble Bath – Citrusy Lime Refill Pouch500 ml290.00


PC0001Essensual Hand & Body Lotion (Allantoin & Vit. E)200 ml290.00
PC5243Essensual Hand & Body Lotion (Allantoin & Vit. E)100 ml190.00
PC0002Essensual Hand & Body Lotion (Glycerine & Honey)200 ml290.00
PC5242Essensual Hand & Body Lotion (Glycerine & Honey)100 ml190.00
PC5244Essensual Soft & Smooth Intensive Foot Care Cream100 ml250.00
PC0003Essensual Instante Tea Tree Oil with Vitamin E15 ml355.00
PC0004Essensual Perfumed Deo Spray – Momentum150 ml215.00
PC0006Essensual Perfumed Deo Spray – Ocean Blue150 ml215.00
PC0005Essensual Perfumed Deo Spray – Indulge150 ml215.00
PC0007Essensual Perfumed Deo Spray – Oriental Spice150 ml215.00
PC0011Essensual Perfumed Body Talc – Wild Flower100 g85.00
PC0013Essensual Perfumed Body Talc – Wild Flower400 g240.00
PC0010Essensual Perfumed Body Talc – Dreams100 g85.00
PC0012Essensual Perfumed Body Talc – Dreams400 g240.00
PC9000Essensual Body Puff – Ultra Soft & Gentle1 Unit99.00
PC0031Essensual Pocket Perfume Wild Girl18 ml82.00
PC0032Essensual Pocket Perfume Dusky Desire18 ml82.00
PC0078Essensual Deep Nourishing Cold Cream100 g199.00


PC0039All Pure Hand Sanitizer Gel60 ml32.00
PC0041All Pure Hand Sanitizer Gel250 ml125.00
PC0042All Pure Hand Sanitizer Gel500 ml250.00
PC0044All Pure Moringa Hand Sanitizer Gel250 ml125.00
PC0045All Pure Moringa Hand Sanitizer Gel500 ml250.00
PC0054All Pure Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer Gel250 ml125.00
PC0056All Pure Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer Gel500 ml250.00
PC0043All Pure Moringa Hand Sanitizer Spray100 ml74.00
PC0069All Pure 2 in 1 Hand & Body Lotion100 ml199.00
PC0070All Pure Germ Protection Wipes30 Unit125.00
PC1022Fruit of the Earth Henna120 g96.00
PC1005Fruit of the Earth Shampoo with   Arnica & Tea Tree Oil (Dandruff Control)200 ml210.00
PC1006Fruit of the Earth Shampoo with Henna & Jojoba Oil (Hair Fall Control)200 ml210.00
PC1002Fruit of the Earth Conditioner with       Aloe Vera & Almond Oil (Smooth & Shine)150 ml220.00
PC5257Fruit of the Earth Shampoo with   Arnica & Tea Tree Oil (Dandruff Control)100 ml132.00
PC5258Fruit of the Earth Shampoo with Henna & Jojoba Oil (Hair Fall Control)100 ml132.00
PC5259Fruit of the Earth Conditioner with       Aloe Vera & Almond Oil (Smooth & Shine)100 ml158.00
PC0050FOTE Shampoo with Henna & Jojoba Oil (Hair Fall Control) – Sachet6 ml x 48 Unit192.00
PC0051FOTE Shampoo with Arnica & Tea Tree Oil (Dandruff Control) – Sachet6 ml x 48 Unit192.00
PC1014Fruit of the Earth Red Obsession Hydrating Mist100 ml599.00
PC3000Salon Clean & Protect Dandruff Control Shampoo200 ml240.00
PC3001Salon Daily Shine Nourishing Shampoo200 ml219.00
PC3002Salon Hair Oil with Conditioner100 ml115.00
PC5247Salon Professional Advanced Formula Hair Fall Defense Shampoo200 ml312.00
PC5245Salon Professional Advanced Formula Dandruff Care Shampoo200 ml312.00
PC5246Salon Professional Advanced Formula Smooth & Shine Shampoo200 ml312.00
PC5248Salon Professional Advanced Formula Radiant Shine Conditioner200 ml325.00
PC0048Salon Professional Advanced Formula Hair Fall Defense Shampoo – Sachet6 ml x 48 Unit192.00
PC0047Salon Professional Advanced Formula Dandruff Care Shampoo – Sachet6 ml x 48 Unit192.00
PC0049Salon Professional Advanced Formula Smooth & Shine Shampoo – Sachet6 ml x 48 Unit192.00
PC0034Salon Professional Amla Non-sticky Hair Oil100 ml70.00
PC0033Salon Professional Ayurvedic Cool Herbal Oil100 ml102.00
PC5285Salon Professional Argan Oil of Morocco Hair Treatment Oil100 ml750.00
PC5284Salon Professional Argan Oil of Morocco Moisture Repair Shampoo200 ml485.00
PC5283Salon Professional Argan Oil of Morocco Moisture Repair Conditioner200 ml485.00
PC5232Salon Professional Hair Color-Natural Black (1) 510.00
PC5233Salon Professional Hair Color-Dark brown (2) 510.00
PC5234Salon Professional Hair Color-Brown (3) 510.00
PC5235Salon Professional Hair Color-Chocolate (4) 510.00
PC5236Salon Professional Hair Color-Light Brown (5) 510.00
PC5237Salon Professional Hair Color-Dark Blond (6) 510.00
PC5280Salon Professional Advanced Formula Nourish & Shine Hair Oil100 ml135.00
PC5009Velocity Men Oil Clear Face Wash50 g147.00
PC5005Velocity Men Fairness Cream50 g155.00
PC5010Velocity Men Premium Shaving Cream70 g127.00
PC5001Velocity Men After Shave Splash100 ml240.00
PC5008Velocity Men Hair Styling Gel50 g105.00
PC5003Velocity Men Deodorising Body Talc100 g85.00
PC5002Velocity Men Body Spray125 ml/88 g228.00
PC5012Velocity Men Twin Blade Plus Readyshaver5 Unit140.00
PC5014Velocity Men 7 in 1 Beard Growth Oil30 ml368.00
PC0071Sanitary Napkin – Regular 245 mm15 Unit225.00
PC0072Sanitary Napkin – Large 275 mm15 Unit245.00
PC0073Sanitary Napkin – X-Large 312 mm15 Unit265.00


FP0002Fruit of the Earth Power Green Tea25 Unit x 2 g213.00
FP0003Fruit of the Earth C.T.C & Long Leaf Tea250 g212.00
FP0006Fruit of the Earth Coconut Oil500 ml267.00
FP3008Fruit of the Earth 100% Pure Instant Coffee50 g177.00
FP3009Fruit of the Earth Instant Blended Coffee50 g177.00
FP3050Soul Flavours Active Rice Bran Oil (Pouch)1 L265.00
FP3072Soul Flavours Active Rice Bran Oil5 L1250.00
606000Soul Flavours Active Rice Bran Oil Dispenser1 Unit150.00
FP3056Soul Flavours Kachi Ghani Cold Pressed Mustard Oil1 L260.00
FP3071Soul Flavours Kachi Ghani Cold Pressed Mustard Oil5 L1010.00
FP3007Soul Flavours Penne Rigate (Pasta)500 g198.00
FP0016Soul Flavours Cow Ghee1 L735.00
FP0010Soul Flavours Pure Honey500 g347.00
FP0011Soul Flavours Pure Honey with Tulsi500 g418.00
FP0012Soul Flavours Pure Honey with Ginger500 g418.00
FP0013Soul Flavours All Natural Stevia Powder200 g490.00
FP3113Soul Flavours Shahi Mukhwas75 g125.00
FP0008Soul Flavours Amla Candy Sweet500 g280.00
FP0009Soul Flavours Chatpata Amla Candy500 g280.00
FP3030Soul Flavours Haldi Powder100 g38.00
FP3053Soul Flavours Haldi Powder200 g74.00
FP3023Soul Flavours Lal Mirch Powder100 g54.00
FP3054Soul Flavours Lal Mirch Powder200 g106.00
FP3025Soul Flavours Jeera Powder100 g72.00
FP3027Soul Flavours Dhania Powder100 g38.00
FP3055Soul Flavours Dhania Powder200 g74.00
FP3034Soul Flavours Garam Masala100 g77.00
FP3029Soul Flavours Kali Mirch Powder100 g178.00
FP0032Soul Flavours Quinoa500 g277.00
FP3044Soul Pops Kaccha Aam50 Unit50.00
FP3051Soul Pops Chatpata Orange Candy50 Unit50.00
FP3052Soul Pops Gazab Guava Candy50 Unit50.00
FP3057Soul Pops Masala Soda Candy50 Unit50.00
FP3058Soul Pops Fruit Chaat Candy50 Unit50.00
FP0028Soul Pops Strawberry & Mango Assorted Lollipops12 Unit115.00
FP0033Soul Flavours Strong CTC Tea250 g139.00
FP3064Soul Flavours Sambhar Masala100 g73.00
FP3065Soul Flavours Chaat Masala100 g73.00
FP3066Soul Flavours Pav Bhaji Masala100 g75.00
FP3067Soul Flavours Chhole Masala100 g85.00
FP3061Soul Flavours Meat Masala100 g79.00
FP3062Soul Flavours Fish Masala100 g79.00
FP3069Soul Flavours Kitchen King Masala100 g79.00
FP3075Soul Flavours Chicken Masala100 g80.00
FP3076Soul Flavours Sabji Masala100 g63.00
FP3070Soul Flavours Hing15 g55.00
FP3077Soul Flavours Soya Tikka Masala-Just Heat To Eat300 g160.00
FP3078Soul Flavours Chicken Curry Boneless-Just Heat To Eat300 g245.00
FP3079Soul Flavours Shahi Paneer-Just Heat To Eat300 g209.00
FP3081Soul Flavours Malai Kofta-Just Heat To Eat300 g199.00
FP3082Soul Flavours Chicken Biryani Boneless-Just Heat To Eat250 g245.00
FP3084Soul Flavours Dal Makhani-Just Heat To Eat300 g100.00
FP3085Soul Flavours Rajma-Just Heat To Eat300 g110.00
FP3080Soul Flavours Plain Rice-Just Heat To Eat250 g100.00
FP3083Soul Flavours Rawal Pindi Channa-Just Heat To Eat300 g110.00
FP3107Soul Flavours Premium Basmati Rice5 Kg950.00


AP001Modicare Cuckoo Air Purifier1 Unit18999.00
AP0001Modicare Cuckoo Air Purifier1 Unit18999.00
AP0002Modicare Cuckoo Air Purifier Filter1 Unit4500.00
FS5051Well All Plant Protein Powder200 g1080.00
FS5052Well All Plant Protein Powder500 g2399.00
HL2007Well Pudina with Tulsi100 Unit399.00
HL2004Well Flax Oil90 Unit653.00
HL2005Well Garlic Pearls100 Unit399.00
HL2003Well Amrit Shakti100 Unit452.00
HL1003Well Protein Crest (Velvet Chocolate)500 g1470.00
Hl1001Well Strong & Smart (Chocolate Flavour)200 g702.00
HL2009Well Multivitamin Multimineral30 Unit440.00
HL2006Well Noni Juice Concentrate1 L550.00
HL2008Well Spirulina100 Unit485.00
HL2002Well D Tox60 Unit550.00
HL2001Well Cardio Activ60 Unit540.00
HL1008Well Korean Red Ginseng (6 Years Old)60 Unit2378.00
HL2014Well Calcium Complex60 Unit520.00
Hl1005Well Glucosamine with Boswellia & Curcumin120 Unit1548.00
HL2012Well Amla Juice1 L342.00
HL2011Well Aloe Vera1 L322.00
HL2015Well Shilajit Ojas Gold with Kesar & Safed Musli30 Unit630.00
HL2024Well Omega 3 Antarctic Krill Oil30 Unit1550.00
Hl2027Well Aloe Vera60 Unit332.00
HL2053Well Turmeric60 Unit1080.00
HL2026Well Ashwagandha60 Unit468.00
HL2028Well Tulsi60 Unit468.00
HL2025Well Amla60 Unit245.00
HL2029Well Brahmi60 Unit468.00
HL2054Well BrainActiv30 Unit1235.00
HL1006Well Intellecte30 Unit1140.00
Hl2030Well Noni90 Unit605.00
HL2058Well Chyawanprash500 g215.00
HL2065Well Giloy60 Unit230.00
HL2071Well Karela Jamun Juice1 L365.00
HL2074Well Triphala60 Unit299.00
HL2066Well Vitamin C60 Unit499.00
HL2068Well Vitamin D360 Unit499.00
HL2067Well Iron & Folic Acid60 Unit325.00
HL2072Well Vitamin B-Complex60 Unit499.00
HL2075Well Herbal Tea Latte (NEW)100 g349.00


HL2036Extra Comfort (Black Mask)1 Unit190.00
HL2037Pack of 2 with 1 Lanyard2 Unit250.00
HL0001Black1 Unit799.00
HL0002Blue1 Unit799.00
HL0003Magenta1 Unit799.00
HL0004Silver1 Unit799.00
HL2059Soch Badlo1 Unit799.00
HL2023Family Pack4 Unit2499.00
HL2069For Tablet, PC Monitor & Wi-Fi Router1 Unit1040.00
HL2070For Laptop3 Unit1500.00
HL2021Modicare Enviroglobe Silver1 Unit4998.00
HL2022Modicare Enviroglobe Rose Gold1 Unit4998.00


AB0007Rose84 Unit72.00
AB0008Lavender84 Unit72.00
AB0009Sandal84 Unit72.00
AB0010Champa84 Unit72.00
AB0011Jasmine84 Unit72.00
AB0012Kewda84 Unit72.00


HC3030Mighty In-One Multipurpose Cleaner250 ml145.00
HC3031Mighty In-One Shine & Protect250 ml545.00
HC0002Duz All Advanced Concentrated Multi Purpose Cleaner250 ml125.00
HC2025Duz All Advanced Concentrated Multi Purpose Cleaner (Biosafe Formula)500 ml282.00
HC3028Spic ‘N’ Span Scale and Bathroom Cleaner250 ml199.00
HC2021HD Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner500 ml175.00
HC0027Beyond Blue750 ml184.00
HC5005One Der Scrub4 Unit150.00
HC0026Silver Dip – Instant Silver Cleaner300 ml247.00
HC2024Sparkle Advanced Concentrated Glass Cleaner with antifog effect(Biosafe Formula)500 ml195.00
HC0006One Der Drop Advanced Concentrated Dish Washing Liquid (Original Formula)500 ml230.00
HC3027SteriClean Powerful Disinfectant Cleaner Original250 ml138.00
HC2019SteriClean Powerful Disinfectant Cleaner Original500 ml255.00
HC2027SteriClean Powerful Disinfectant Cleaner Lime500 ml255.00
HC0020Germi Bust Multi-surface Disinfectant Spray170 g195.00


LC3021Washmate Pre Wash Dirt & Stain Remover250 ml190.00
LC2017Washmate Delicate Liquid Detergent for Woolen & Delicate Fabrics (Biosafe Formula)500 ml375.00
LC4004Washmate PowerClean Detergent Bar200 g x 3 Unit114.00
LC2015Washmate Matic Concentrated Detergent Powder500 g167.00
LC1018Washmate Popular Detergent Powder1 Kg176.00
LC2018Washmate 5 in 1 Liquid Detergent with Powerzyme & Natural Softener (Biosafe Formula)500 ml405.00
SC0019Schloka Purifying Neem & Gotukola Face Wash60 ml215.00
SC0002Schloka Moroccan Argan Oil Cleanser200 ml480.00
SC0024Schloka Moroccan Argan Oil Scrub60 ml240.00
SC0028Schloka Avocado Face Scrub with Oatmeal & Neroli60 ml305.00
SC0022Schloka D Tan Face Pack with Tulsi & Clove60 ml215.00
SC0026Schloka Glow Face Pack      with Orange Peel and White Clay60 ml240.00
SC0003Schloka 3 in 1 Cleanser, Toner and Make Up Remover with Green Tea & Chamomile Extract200 ml340.00
SC0013Schloka Rejuvenating Day Cream with Almond & Lavender50 ml288.00
SC0009Schloka Hydra – Nourish Facial Cream with Shea Butter, Almond & Olive Oil100 ml342.00
SC0025Schloka Hydrating Papaya & Hibiscus Moisturiser100 ml285.00
SC0006Schloka Body Butter with Shea Butter & Almond Oil100 ml348.00
SC0020Schloka Sun Screen Cream SPF 30 PA+++ with Gotukola & Cucumber60 ml290.00
SC0021Schloka Sun Screen Cream SPF 50 PA+++ with Vitamin E & Comfrey60 ml360.00
SC0008Schloka Fairness Cream with Rose & Honey50 ml290.00
SC0004Schloka Anti Ageing Night Cream with Collagen and Vitamin E50 ml280.00
SC0017Schloka Whitening Cream with Lemon and Turmeric50 ml295.00
SC0027Schloka Under Eye Cream with Ashwagandha & Gotukola20 ml180.00
SC3021Schloka Purifying Lime Peel & Neem Face Wash-Men60 ml215.00
PC1023Schloka Gold Facial Kit54 g260.00
SC3023Schloka Moroccan Argan Oil Facial Kit54 g260.00


PC5224Fruit of the Earth Moor Mud Facial Bar25 g x 4 Unit355.00
PC5271Fruit of the Earth Moor Mud Mask100 g540.00
PC1004Fruit of the Earth Face pack with Neem & Rosemary (Sensitive & Acne Prone Skin)150 ml395.00
PC1003Fruit of the Earth Fairness Gel with Liquorice & Aloe Vera (SPF14)150 ml340.00
PC1001Fruit of the Earth Cleansing gel with Apricot & Tea Tree Oil (Ph Balanced)150 ml378.00
PC5261Fruit of the Earth Face pack with Neem & Rosemary (Sensitive & Acne Prone Skin)100 ml295.00
PC5260Fruit of the Earth Fairness Gel with Liquorice & Aloe Vera (SPF14)100 ml275.00
PC5262Fruit of the Earth Cleansing gel with Apricot & Tea Tree Oil (Ph Balanced)100 ml299.00
PC1017FOTE Red Obsession – Hydra Nourish Cream50 g430.00
PC1018FOTE Red Obsession – Hydra Nourish Scrub50 g430.00
PC1019FOTE Red Obsession – Hydra Nourish Mask50 g430.00


UCL101Rosewood4.2 g375.00
UCL102Punch4.2 g375.00
UCL103French Rose4.2 g375.00
UCL104Bubblegum4.2 g375.00
UCL105Salmon4.2 g375.00
UCL106Cerise4.2 g375.00
UCL107Hibiscus4.2 g375.00
UCL108Amber4.2 g375.00
UCL109Raspberry4.2 g375.00
UCL110Imperial4.2 g375.00
UCL111Pure Red4.2 g375.00
UCL112Barn Red4.2 g375.00
UCL113Alabama4.2 g375.00
UCL114Suedeberry4.2 g375.00
UCL115Magnetic4.2 g375.00
UCL116Guava Jelly4.2 g375.00
UCL117Ballerina4.2 g375.00
UCL118Chestnut4.2 g375.00
UCL119Almond Joy4.2 g375.00
UCL120Sand Storm4.2 g375.00
UCL121Gingerbread4.2 g375.00
UCL122Plum4.2 g375.00
UCL123Wine Me4.2 g375.00
UCL124Vamp It Up4.2 g3759.00
UCL125Flame (NEW)4.2 g375.00
UCL126Red Rum (NEW)4.2 g375.00
UCL127Unicorn (NEW)4.2 g375.00
UCL128Delicious (NEW)4.2 g375.00
Wifey (NEW)4.2 g375.00


UCL 801Creme Rose4.2 g359.00
UCL802Sorbet Pink4.2 g359.00
UCL803Mexican Pink4.2 g359.00
UCL804Rambutan4.2 g359.00
UCL805Rosebud4.2 g359.00
UCL806Ruby Shock4.2 g359.00
UCL807Red Rum4.2 g359.00
UCL808Daredevil4.2 g359.00
UCL809Ferrari4.2 g359.00
UCL810Tawny4.2 g359.00
UCL811Ginger4.2 g359.00
UCL812Choco Dip4.2 g359.00
UCL813Marvelous Mauve4.2 g359.00
UCL814Mysterious Plum4.2 g359.00


UC1601Exotic Tangerine 011.4 g795.00
UC1602Scarlet 021.4 g795.00
UC1603Red Siren 031.4 g795.00
UC1604Burgundy 041.4 g795.00
UC1607Rosematic 071.4 g795.00
UC1608Rich Berry 081.4 g795.00
UC1609Bombshell Pink 091.4 g795.00
UC1610Latte 101.4 g795.00
UC1611Terracotta 111.4 g795.00
UC1612Moody Brown 121.4 g795.00


UCL501Rock N Red1.14 g350.00
UCL502Red Rum1.14 g350.00
UCL503Coral Pop1.14 g350.00
UCL504Rosette1.14 g350.00
UCL505Haute Pink1.14 g350.00
UCL506Maroon Magic1.14 g350.00
UCL507Choco Spice1.14 g350.00
Rich Wine1.14 g350.00


UCL 001Strawberry4.5 g199.00
UCL002Orange4.5 g199.00
UCL003Cherry4.5 g199.00


UC2201Rose6 ml155.00
UC2202Shell6 ml155.00
UC2203Tropix6 ml155.00
UC2204Candy Crush6 ml155.00
UC2205Pink Patrol6 ml155.00
UC2206Deep Fuchsia6 ml155.00
UC2207Cherry Charm6 ml155.00
UC2208Peach Silk6 ml155.00
UC2209Maple6 ml155.00
UC2210Cinnamon6 ml155.00
UC2211Wild Fire Red6 ml155.00
UC2212Scarlet Boon6 ml155.00
UC2213Hot Chilli6 ml155.00
UC2214Sugared Spice6 ml155.00
UC2215Mahogany6 ml155.00
UC2216Blue Rapture6 ml155.00
UC2217Midnight Star6 ml155.00
UC2218Aqua Gray6 ml155.00
UC2219Olives6 ml155.00
UC2220Magic Mauve6 ml155.00
UC2221Merry Berry6 ml155.00