Modicare Product Catalogue, Prospectus & Useful Digital

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Modicare Product Catalogue, Prospectus & Useful Digital

This post is about the Modicare Company Product Price List with PV, BV, DP, and MRP. Several products have been added in the list by Modicare in last few years such as Well Noni Juice and Modicare Spirulina.

Here, you will find the Modicare Latest Product Price List PDF with an option to download it. So, if you are looking forward to Download Modicare Product Price List PDF, you are at the right place.

Modicare Product Price List

The following table contains the Modicare Products details with their MRP, PV, BV and DP. The table is separated category-wise.


FS5051Well All Plant Protein Powder (200 g)540201080900
FS5052Well All Plant Protein Powder (500 g)1,200.0044.4423992000
HL2007Well Pudina with Tulsi (100 Unit)201.547.46399335
HL2004Well Flax Oil (90 Unit)33612.44653560
HL2005Well Garlic Pearls (100 Unit)201.547.46399335
HL2003Well Amrit Shakti (100 Unit)228.628.47452380
HL2008Well Spirulina (100 Unit)2499.22485415
HL2006Well Noni Juice Concentrate (1 L)199.67.39550499
HL2009Well Multivitamin Multimineral (30 Unit)2258.33440375
Modicare Product Catalogue, Prospectus & Useful Digital
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