Modicare Urban Color Cover All Multi Action Bb Crème

Modicare Urban Color London Cover All Multi Action Bb Crème

Cover All Multi Action Bb Crème

modicare BB Creme

BB Cream Product Info

The Cover All Multi-Action BB Cream provides the benefits of skin care and makeup in one easy step. This multi-action formulation comes with a non-greasy texture that blends seamlessly to prime and perfect skin’s surface by camouflaging uneven skin tone and hiding imperfections easily.

Infused with a blend of potent botanicals and anti oxidants to help boost luminosity; diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, repairs skin damage, while protecting it with a broad spectrum sun protection

It comes with a light texture that fades onto your skin tone gradually.

Features of Bb Crème

        Daily wear blemish balm

·         Camouflages uneven skin tone

·         SPF 20 UVA/UVB filters

·         Sheer matte coverage 

·         Boost luminosity

·         Paraben free

·         Actives from Switzerland 

Using Steps

Apply a small amount daily after moisturizing skin.  Blend all over face and neck with fingers or a clean sponge.

–     Wear alone or under foundation.

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