Modicare  Products Commmission | Types Of Income launches its radiation purifier EnviroGlobe at Rs. 4500/-

Friends i will tell you Modicare Products Commission | Types Of Income

Modicare Products Commmission | Types Of Income

Modicare Joining Form

Modicare Business Plan 

Modicare started in 1996 and its founder is Samir Modi, who is also the director of the company. Sameer Modi completed his schooling from Harvard Business School.

Modicare is one of the top network marketing companies with a very good Modicare business plan and it deals with manufacturing a large range of products based on health care, personal care and wellness.
It is a direct selling company that started the business of direct selling in India. At that time, this business of network marketing was new, so no one believed it and everyone used to think of it as a business connecting people, but slowly people started understanding it and now it is said to be the biggest business in the coming times.

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Today, this company has been in the market for almost 20 years and this company continues to launch its new products. If we talk about the company’s products, then they are also of very good quality.
This company has all products available such as health care, personal care, lifestyle products, and healthy food. Because this company is a direct selling company, all its products are sold through direct selling.

If we talk about the Modicare Business plan, then this company works on the generation plan, in which you do not have to maintain any leg in any way nor do you have to give equal business from both the legs. The business plan of this company is very simple, if understood well, everyone can earn money. 

This company has its own mini office which is available in every city and village. The company also has a hand office and many of its mini head offices are also available at any place where any distributor can go and buy the product.

Important Things Of Modicare

  • All the time you give is valuable for the company, even if you are doing it only for meetings.
  • No one is big or small on behalf of the company. Here, every person is important who uses the company’s product is and tells its benefits to any other person.
  • According to the company, before telling any other person about its product, you should use them yourself and if you like the quality of the product, then you should tell others about it.
  • Here all the uplines help they are downline.
  • The company’s products are of high quality but are slightly higher in price.
  • The company also gives you good offers, that too every month.
  • Remember to use, sell and share all the products manufactured by this company and regularly use it every month.
  • Contact everyone you think is a potential audience and share products and business ideas with them.
    Sell as much merchandise as you know.
  • You also need to use the company’s product because if you do not know the quality of the product well then you will be afraid to tell someone else about it.
  • You have to meet new people every day to do this work and share its product and plan with them. That is the most important.

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Business Plan Of  Modicare – Types of Income 

  1. Retail Profit 20%
  2. Saving On Consumption 20%
  3. Accumulative Performance Bonus 7% – 22%
  4. Director Bonus 14%
  5. Leadership Productivity Bonus 15%
  6. Outbound Travel Fund 3%
  7. Dream Vehicle Fund 5%
  8. Dream House Fund 3%

Friends, this is a very good plan, if any person understands this plan well and starts working with full hard work and dedication in it, then he definitely gets success after a time. If the products of this company are also good, then it can be said that you will get good health along with earning money.

Brief Details Of Modicare Business plan 

1.Retail Profit 20% –
                                         Retail profit is the first income of this company. This is the income that the customer gets from the company after purchasing the product. We understand this through an example –Suppose you bought a product of Rs 100 from the company, but the MRP of the product you bought is Rs 150 but you are the distributor of the company, so you got that product for Rs 100. Now if you want, you can sell that product for 150 rupees and you can earn a profit of 50 rupees. This is called retail profit and this is your retail income.

2. Saving On Consumption 20% –
                                                                  This is the second income given by the company. In this, the company gives you products at a discount of 20%. Suppose you become a distributor of the company and whatever product you purchase from it, then you are given that product at a discount of 20% of its MRP, it can be said that the money comes back to you. To get the second income of the company, it is necessary that you first become a distributor of the company and to become a member of the company, you have to complete a few points to be counted through BV and PV.

. Accumulative Performance Bonus 7% – 22% –

                                                                                                 The third income of this Modicare Business Plan company is the Accumultive Performance Bonus. This income is distributed on different levels. It depends on your level, according to how much income you will get income. To take this income, you have to fulfill some of its conditions, in which you will be entitled to collect PV and your level will be displayed on the basis of it. Let us understand this in detail.

  When you buy some products from the company, you come to the first level of this company, which is called a consultant. Whose PV bonuses are between 7 and 300 and BV bonuses range from 25 to 7424. Now as to your PV and BV increase, so will your level increase.10% Senior Consultant, 13% Senior Supervisor, 16% Deputy Supervisor, 19% Supervisor and 22 become Direct.

Let’s know how to get the performance bonus and how it is distributed among the members?

As you can see from the table, our performance bonus percentage depends on our BV points. Suppose Anuj joins this business as a consultant and has added A, B, C, D 4 sponsors to his down line. Anuj has a total BV of 6000 and his down line A has 4000 bv, B has 3000, C has 2000 and D has 20000 bv. If we add the BV points of all these four members, then this total becomes 35000 i.e. these all points will determine your performance bonus.

Now know how commission gets from these points?

Because Anuj has increased his level of improv as he has gathered 35000 BVs which is enough to become a Senior Supervisor. Anuj’s bonus is 13 percent, so now we will know the points of ABCD at which level he comes, yes, BB points of AB and C fall in the consultant range. So that means they will get a 7 percent bonus, multiplying their points by 7 percent, they can get this amount. That is, if we multiply 4000 by 7 percent, then we multiply by Rs 280, 3000 multiplied by Rs 200 and get Rs 140 in 2000. Which is their bonus point? Similarly to D because his wife has obtained points from Senior Consultant, which is 20000 multiplied by 10, then Rs 2000.

Now we will multiply 35000 of the total BV points i.e. 13000 and take out the total amount which is 4550 rupees. Out of this amount, we will add the bonus of total members and minus the remaining amount will be given as a bonus to Anuj i.e. Rs 1920 will go to Anuj’s pocket.

4. Director Bonus 14% –

 There is a fourth income director bonus of the company, which is given as a commission bonus of 14% by the company. This commission company gives 1 monthly point over PV. The company pays commission on the number of PVs collected in your month and this is a formula to give a commission. This commission will be given to you for the next 9 generations. This commission is called in the name of the director bonus, this director bonus is given to you separately from the rest of the 2 income of the company and it is given to all the directors of the company, which is also a level achievement.

5. Leadership Productivity Bonus 15% –
                                                                                               Leadership Productivity Bonus is given 15%. This company gives 15% of the total BV of 1 month. This income company provides those who have qualified for this level. But for this income, the company has put a condition that the director will have to give 90000 BV to the business company in one month, which means he will have to make a senior director in his team only then it will be able to take this income. This is the highest of all the income offered by the company. This is 60% of the income.

6.Outbound Travel Fund 3% –

    Outbound Travel Fund is the 6 income offered by the Modicare Business plan. This income is started by the company with 5th income means that the person who qualifies for 5th income gets the additional benefit that he will add one income along with another income and he will get a total of 6th income. It happens. This income means that the company gives you separate money to roam, which is not given to you separately in any job, it is only possible in network marketing.

7.Dream vehicle Fund 5% –

                                                               This is the 7 income given by the company. This income is given to all distributors who qualify the level of the senior executive. Everyone likes to take the car of their dreams and the company gives you a good chance to fulfill this dream. You get this income when you give 1500 BV and 600 BV of personal business to the company and at the same time, you make the company 3 directors from your team. If we calculate this amount in total, then it is about 50000.We can also solve this according to the formula given below.

To get this income from the company, you have to give 600 BV personal business and you will have to create 6 directors in your team only then you will start getting the dream house income from the company. As you continue to give qualified directors to the company, you will continue to receive this fund and on this fund, you are given a 3% commission as you can understand from this formula. After dividing all the dream home fund qualifiers’ points by 3% BV of the company, this fund is distributed equally to you.

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