Hi Friends, This is Mrs. Jashmi. In my observation, many people who want to join Oriflame as a Member have questions about the Oriflame membership fees and benefits.When they are unaware of the membership benefits they are not able to take the full advantage of the Oriflame opportunity.

So in this post I want to share with all of you the main benefits of joining Oriflame as a Consultant in India. Oriflame is a great opportunity. 

When you join Oriflame business anywhere in India, you can buy products for yourself, your family, relatives and friends. You can make some extra money 5,000 by circulating catalogues. Or you can make a career as a Manager or Director in Oriflame by recruiting others and earn 50,000 – 1,00,000+ per month! 

Oriflame Registration


  1. Join Oriflame for Free.  
  2. As an Oriflame Consultants you will get a 20% discount on our whole range of high quality beauty products.

You get gifts by doing certain business points (BP) as per the Welcome Program. Welcome Program is for all new Joinees. The gift will be different every month but there is a gift for all qualifiers.

As you complete 100 BP within 30 days of joining, you get your first FREE gift! As you complete 100 BP in the next calendar month, you get your 2nd FREE gift! As you complete 100 BP in the next calendar month, you get the 3rd FREE gift!

Business Class Offer for all Consultant, every month: Complete 150 BP in this month and get any 2 product worth 1000+ of your choice at 40% off in the next month!!! In this way, every month as a consultant you can get 2 high value product at 40% off by doing 150 points. This offer is valid as long as you are a consultant. 

You decide when and how much you want to work. The only investment needed to build you own business with Oriflame is some 10-20 Catalogues for circulation among your friends, neighbours, relatives and your time and passion to achieve something great in life.

Being an Oriflame Consultant is a lot of fun. You will have the opportunity to meet new people, travel around the world and enjoy beauty events and exciting activities.

Join Oriflame

How to become Member in Oriflame:

You need to fill the Oriflame Membership form which is know as Consultant Application Form. You can fill this online

Then we will give you your Consultant Id and your password will be sent to your email id.

You will receive your joining kit thru us or by courier depending on your choice.

As soon as you get the Kit, call us and we will guide you on how you can get lots of orders and how you can get gifts (If you want we can also share with you how you can grow fast and become a Manager in Oriflame.)

Join Oriflame Membership Fees, Benefits & Form
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