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How to Join Modicare | How To Join Modicare Company | Modicare Join Kaise Kare

Welcome to Modicare online team. You will join Modicare Online under the sponsorship of the Modicare online team. Please fill out the Modicare Join form and submit it for further processing.

Modicare Joining Form

Benefits Of Joining Modicare

You will get these 12 types of income if you join the Modicare and work according to the company’s business plan.

                      1. Savings on Consumption – 10 – 20%
                      2. Retail Profit
                      3. 7% – 16% Accumulative Performance Bonus
                      4. 4% Director Bonus
                      5. 15% Team Bonus Pool
                      6. 7% Builder Bonus Pool
                      7. Travel Fund – 2%
                      8. Car Fund – 5%
                      9. House Fund – 3%
                      10. 2% Diamond Bonus Pool
                      11. 17% Leadership Productivity bonus
                      12. 1% Yearly Founder Bonus

                        The four ingredients for success in the Modicare system as an entrepreneur are given below.

                        1. Use Modicare products regularly so you can confidently tell your views.
                        2. You can earn by sharing Modicare products.
                        3. Enrich yourself by sharing the business opportunity with interested persons.
                        4. Enrich yourself by enriching others team members.

                        You will get a proportional reward when you follow the system faithfully and apply yourself with the hard work it takes.

                        Modicare has a good bonus plan for every distributor. They respect your untiring efforts in promoting the business. Top level management is working to provide an equal business opportunity for all distributors. They design the Modicare
                        marketing plan to ensure that all distributors have access to the same opportunities for success.

                        You should clearly envision your future and ensure your Accumulative Plan includes that. You will get ten different
                        income streams if you change your store with Modicare.


                        Accumulative Performance Bonus (APB) Slabs 7% -16%

                        Performance Bonus
                        %Accumulative PV RangeAccumulative BV
                        (PV X 27)** Range
                        Consultant7%1 to <30027 to <8100
                        Senior Consultant10%300 to <12008100 to <32400
                        Supervisor13%1200 to <270032400 to <72900
                        Senior Supervisor15%2700 to <400072900 to <108000
                        Director16%4000 and above108000 and above
                        PERSONAL PV for Bonus

                        Up to Senior Supervisor ≥ 15
                        Director & above ≥ 30

                        Fast start 10% : 240 GPV

                        (6480 GBV) in a single month before reaching 10% level

                        FAST START DIRECTOR IN MODICARE


                        TITLE PROGRESSION TABLE
                        STATUSPPV & PGPVPAT Director
                        DirectorPPV≥30 PGPV≥1100NA
                        Senior Director (SD)PPV≥30 PGPV≥9001
                        Executive Director (ED)PPV≥30 PGPV≥6002
                        Senior Executive Director (SED)PPV≥30 PGPV≥3003
                        Platinum Director (PD)PPV≥30 PGPV≥1004
                        Diamond Director (DD)PPV≥306
                        Black Diamond Director (BDD)PPV≥308
                        Red Diamond Director (RDD)PPV≥3011
                        Global Red Diamond Director (GRDD)PPV≥30≥ 14
                        GLOSSARY OF TERMS

                        PV : Point Value.
                        BV : Business Volume.
                        PPV : Personal Point Volume. This is how much you have bought on your own MCA number.
                        PBV : Personal Business Volume. This is determined basis the prevailing PV BV ratio.
                        GPV : Group Point Volume. This is how much you and and your team have bought.

                        ▪ GBV : Group Business Volume. This is total group volume which determined basis the PV BV ratio.
                        ▪ PGPV : Personal Group Point Volume. This is the Point Volume of the entire group, excluding the point volume of Director and above group/groups. PGPV includes your own PPV.
                        ▪ PGBV : Personal Group Business Volume. This is the Group Volume of the entire group, excluding the point volume of Director and above group/groups. PGBV includes your own PBV. This is determined basis the prevailing PV BV ratio.

                        Cumulative PV : Cumulative Point Volume is the Point Volume accumulated by your group in the current & all preceding months on.

                        Modicare Plan In Hindi | Modicare Business Plan In Hindi

                        Must watch this video till the end to understand the Modicare company details, profile, product range and Modicare plan in Hindi.

                        Modicare Plan In English | Modicare Business Plan In English

                        Must watch this video till the end to understand Modicare company details, profile, product range and Modicare Plan in English.

                        How Much You Can Earn By Following Modicare Plan

                        For your convenience, we can take one example in which you and your team members are joining just six members continuously for four months.

                        MonthTeam Size
                        First MonthYou + 6 Direct Downline = 07
                        Second MonthYou + 6 + 36 = 43 Downlines
                        Third MonthYou + 42 + 216 = 259 Downlines
                        Fourth MonthYou + 248 + 1296 = 1555 Downlines

                        Modicare Dr. Surekha Bhargava Success Principle

                        Modicare Income After 4 Months

                        If anyone follows the Modicare plan for 4 months without any fail, he/ she can earn more than 2.5 laks pm.


                        If you will follow the Modicare plan then you can earn approx Rs /- within 4 months. By joining Modicare now you
                        can start your success story with Modicare Online Team.

                        Join Modicare

                        ⎆ STEP I

                        At first download Modicare Online
                        Shopping Mobile App from the
                        below link and proceed for sign up.

                        ⎆ STEP II

                        Please WHATSAPP us for filling
                        UPLINE ID.

                        ⎆ STEP III

                        Once you get the MCA number,
                        fill your details

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