How to Earn Money from Modicare Limited 1 Lakh / Month

How to Earn Money from Modicare Limited

How to Earn Money from Modicare

How to Earn Money from Modicare..

Samir Modi Azadi Plan is very simple and gives a better opportunity to new consultants & business builders for them to earn more money and get rewarded basis the effort that they put in. Free Joining , No Investment, No Target, No Demotion Only Promotion Anybody can achieve. Join now Modicare

Modicare is your business, your success is based on your effort and you will set the pace for your growth. It’s important that you start by becoming a 100% user of the Modicare Products and Share the same with people you know. In this process you will start developing your team which has to be enabled and developed well. Competent people and the right team structure will add to your success.

Key Highlights of Samir Modi Azadi Plan :-

8 areas of income:

1. Savings on consumption UPTO 20%.

2. Retail Profit UPTO 20%.

3. Accumulative Performance bonus: 7% to 22%.

4. Director Bonus: 14% POOL*.

5. Leadership Productivity Bonus: 15% POOL*.

6. Outbound Travel Fund: 3% POOL*.

7. Dream Vehicle Fund: 5%POOL*.

8. Dream Home Fund: 3% POOL*.


1.       Health & Nutrition

2.       Skin Care

3.       Color Cosmetics

4.       Personal Care

5.       Home Care

6.       Laundry Care

7.       Food and Beverage

8.       Auto Care

9.       Agriculture

You achieve success and earn money by adopting 3 most important behaviors

1. Self Use

2. Share 

3. Team Development

Better opportunity for new consultants & business builders to get rewarded basis the effort put in

Better team productivity through team development in width and depth

Free Joining: 

Anyone can start this business without any investment. 

How to Earn Money from Modicare Limited 1 Lakh / Month
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