Atomy India Products List | एटॉमी इंडिया प्रोडक्ट्स

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Atomy India Products List | एटॉमी इंडिया प्रोडक्ट्स

Atomy India Products List

Hello friends, today we are going to give you information about Atomy India Products. When we are doing any network marketing, then we should have a list of its products and information. Only then we will be able to do direct selling business properly. Because when we are giving information about the business to a new person, then he is curious about how the company’s products are? Will the products be profitable? What will be the price of the products? etc. In this case, the MLM Atomy India Products Price List being mentioned here will help you.

Atomy India Products

This Network Marketing Company (Atomy) was started in the year 2009 in South Korea. The founder of this company is Han-Gil Park. The products of Atomy Company are very much liked in many countries apart from India. The list of the names of some countries is given below where the products of Atomy company are very much sold –

Atomy India

  • USA
  • Japan
  • China
  • Canada
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Cambodia
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Thailand
  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Russia
Atomy India Product Price List

Networkers doing Atomy business in India want to know about Atomy India’s product range and pricing. Here is Atomy India Latest Product Price List for them. In this list, you are being given information about the range, pricing, and PV (Point Value) of Atomy products. So that all Atomy India leaders can calculate their income.

CategoryProduct NameDistributor PricePV
PromotionAtomy Toothpaste 200g X 5 N (Buy 3 Get 1 Free)5,133.0012,900
Special SetThe Fame Skincare Travel Kit (5 Pcs per Set)3,776.0017,500
Special SetCleansing Travel Kit (6pcs per set)1,309.804,800
Supplementary GoodsAtomy Diary531.000
Supplementary GoodsShopping Bag(Non Woven)28.000
Supplementary GoodsAtomy Life Scenario (Including Moment of Truth)150.000
Supplementary GoodsAtomy T-Shirt (XXL)-1N378.000
Supplementary GoodsAtomy T-Shirt (XL)-1N378.000
Supplementary GoodsAtomy T-Shirt (L)-1N378.000
Supplementary GoodsAtomy T-Shirt (M)-1N378.000
Supplementary GoodsAtomy T-Shirt (S)-1N378.000
GlovesLatex Gloves(M) – 2 Pair696.202,300
DetergentAtomy Dishwashing Liquid1,062.005,000
DetergentFabric Detergent (1KG)649.002,400
DetergentLiquid Laundry Detergent1,121.005,700
DetergentSheet Laundry Detergent1,298.007,000
ScrubberStainless Scrubber 2N295.001,000
Baby CareCerabebe 3set3,481.0018,200
Lip CareLip Treatment442.502,300
EssentialAtomy Anti Pollution Mask [KF94]  (5 pcs)651.003,000
EssentialAtomy 365 Anti Droplet Face Mask (50 sheet)2,625.009,000
EssentialHand Soap424.801,500
Hair & BodyHerbal Hair Shampoo1,003.006,000
Hair & BodyHerbal Hair Treatment672.603,700
Hair & BodyHerbal Body Cleanser873.204,000
Hair & BodyHair & Body Set (4 Pcs per Set)3,516.4019,100
Hair & BodyHerbal Hair Conditioner1,156.406,500
Hair & BodyHair Essential Oil1,050.205,800
Hair & BodyScalpcare Hair Conditioner1,368.807,300
Hair & BodyScalpcare 2 Set2,371.8012,600
Hair & BodyBody Lotion1,032.504,500
Hair & BodySaengmodan Hair Tonic1,062.005,700
Oral CareAtomy Toothpaste 200g x1N354.00850
Oral CareToothpaste 200g X 5 N1,711.004,300
Oral CareOral Care System*1set1,109.206,700
Oral CareToothpaste 50g x 4 N483.801,600
Oral CareToothbrush 8N885.006,000
Oral CareCompact Toothbrush 8N826.005,000
MakeupHealthy Glow Base SPF30 PA++1,168.206,000
Skin CareAtomy Rose Rain Mist1,091.505,200
Skin CareHydra Brightening Care Set (2 Pcs per Set)2,596.0019,800
Skin CareThe Fame Toner1,675.6012,300
Skin CareThe Fame Eye Cream1,675.6012,300
Skin CareThe Fame Essence1,758.2013,000
Skin CareThe Fame Lotion1,675.6012,300
Skin CareThe Fame Nutrition Cream1,675.6012,300
Skin CareEvening Care Foam Cleanser755.203,500
Skin CareEvening Care Deep Cleanser755.203,500
Skin CareEvening Care Peel Off Mask755.203,500
Skin CareEvening Care Peeling Gel755.203,500
Skin CareHydra Brightening  cream1,345.209,700
Skin CareHydra Brightening  capsule essence1,345.209,700
Skin CareSunscreen SPF50+ PA+++(White )755.203,500
Skin CareEvening Care Set(4 Pcs per Set)2,855.6013,500
Skin CareThe Fame Skincare Set (5 Pcs per Set)7,906.0060,000
Skin CareSunscreen SPF50+ PA+++(Beige )755.203,500
Absolute SeriesAbsolute Skincare Set17,228.00128,000
Absolute SeriesAbsolute Ampoule3,894.0028,600
Absolute SeriesAbsolute Toner2,891.0020,400
Absolute SeriesAbsolute Serum3,186.0023,100
Absolute SeriesAbsolute Lotion2,891.0020,500
Absolute SeriesAbsolute Eye-Complex3,186.0023,200
Absolute SeriesAbsolute Nutrition Cream2,861.5020,300
Balance LifeAtomy Balance Life6,254.0025,000

Atomy India Products List
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