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Modicare Sleep Product Info –

Modicare Well Sleep Support is formulated with a potent blend of herbal ingredients which support healthy sleep cycle and restfulness.

Sleep Key Ingredients & Benfits

Melatonin supports resetting sleep cycle for deep sleep and assists for fresh and energetic the next day.

 Potent natural herbs like Nardostachys Jatamansi Extract, Withania Somnifera Extract and Valeriana Wallichii Extract support to relax mind & calm the anxiety which induces uninterrupted sleep.
 Contains ingredients like Melatonin that supports optimize the melatonin level in the body which causes to regulate the natural cycle of sleeping & waking.
 Tablets containing Melatonin are not habit forming, as it is naturally produced in the body by Pineal Gland.
 Blend of potent ingredients supports in dealing with alteration between normal daily sleep rhythms and a new time zone by checking biological clock.
 Valeriana Wallichii Extract supports in improving the quality of sleep.
 Ashwagandha supports decreasing sleep latency.
 Nardostachys Jatamansi Extract improves initiation and duration of sleep.
 L- Theanine supports increase in focus, maintains normal mental well-being & relaxation.

Direction To Use –

Take one tablet at bedtime only. Not to exceed recommended daily usage.

Well Sleep Health Tablets are designed for the adult with ingredients that support for Sleep management.


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