Modicare Auto Glow Auto Polish-For Car, Appliances & Others


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Modicare Auto Glow Auto Polish-For Car, Appliances & Others

An internationally formulated auto polish for cleaning and polishing all kinds of automobiles, appliances, laminated countertops, bathroom fixtures, porcelain surfaces, ceramic tiles, fiberglass and aluminum. An absolutely gentle concentrate to provide a long lasting high gloss finish to all automobile paints. It is resistant to water & detergent.

Features & Benfits

Unique polymer silicone formula that protects, renews preserves   and improves the appearance of the surface.

  •  Provides high gloss, long-lasting coating to your automobile.
  •  Lifts old polish and soil without harming finish.
  •  Resistant to water and detergent: Forms a protective layer and helps reduce dust and dirt attraction on the surface.

Direction –

Wash and dry surface preferably with Auto Wash Advanced.

•      Squeeze polish on damp cloth and apply to small area working in a circular motion.

•       Do not apply directly to the surface.

•      Let dry completely and buff to a shine with a clean soft cloth.

•      For best results apply on a cool car surface away from direct sunlight.


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