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The selection of the best Direct Selling, Network Marketing sponsor / MLM Upline for you is one of the most important tasks of your successful business. If your Upline/Sponsor selection is not good then chances of your failure will be very high. Most of the people who quits Direct Selling / Network Marketing Business because they got into the deal with bad direct selling sponsor.

These are some common complaints about bad direct selling sponsors.

  1. Lack of product knowledge.
  2. Poor guidance.
  3. Not available on the phone call.
  4. No response over phone calls and emails.
  5. No Internet idea.
  6. He/She will force you to buy products.
  7. He/She will not conduct regular team meetings.
  8. Poor communication skills.

The main cause of poor sponsorship is signup with a friend or family member out of obligation. If your friend or relative has no experience of direct selling business, no internet marketing skills, and no idea about what they are doing and why they are doing then definitely you will feel bad and of course, chances of your failure will be very high.

How to find good direct selling sponsor:

There are some questions to find the best direct selling sponsor/ Upline

  1. Are they ready to give a reply to your question on phone calls, emails, SMS massaging. Make sure your upline truly works with you for your success.
  2. They must have leadership qualities.
  3. Are they seriously building their network?
  4. Is he or she capable to duplicate system under his/her downlines? It shows there great leadership quality.
  5. Is he taking regular team meetings and individual monitoring? The best leader will teach each and every member of the team.
  6. The leader/sponsor must be energetic and positive and supportive.
  7. Do they develop themselves Globally? This is very important. If your sponsor is not internet-friendly then chances of your growth will be very less. Always join & work with the Internet familiar upline to develop your team fast and worldwide.

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